Kickstarter Wallet Round-up [January 2021]

Welcome to our first Kickstarter Round-Up of the year. I’ll take this time to introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about this series of articles. For nearly a decade now wallets have always been a top crowdfunding project on sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. With success stories like Ekster or Ridge, to scams and failures like Volterman, Billetus or Spend Wallet. 

Since January 2020 we’ve been updating you with the latest, greatest, and sometimes not so great Kickstarter wallet projects hoping for your funding. We pick the best from the previous month a go into detail regarding the potential of each wallet look at our core metrics such as design, functionality, and craftsmanship. You also view last year’s range of Kickstarter Round-Ups using the quick access links below.

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2020: A Year in Review

Last year was an interesting one. With COVID hitting all sectors we saw a massive decrease in the number of wallets launching on crowdfunding sites. That being said, the ones that did got more attention and gained more traction – a risk some took with much success. This year will probably be much of the same. With the future of the pandemic very much still uncertain we’ll be keeping an eye out on how the market reacts going into 2021. 


The Visivo Wallet 

On the surface, the Visico Wallet doesn’t seem like much. It takes the appearance of a typical bi-fold coming in at a larger size and the standard array of card slots we’ve all grown to love. But where the Visivo really innovates is in its choice of material. Made from a combination of Crazy horse leather and so-called ‘Aramid Armor’ the Visivo wallet is said to be 5% stronger than steel, heat resistant up to 500 degrees yet retains a look and feel of leather. 

Although I can’t yet get my hands on the Visivo it really does sound impressive and although I’ve covered unique materials before (the likes of Dynemmea and 10XD by Pioneer), the Visivo really sounds like a game-changer. This wallet definitely got my attention and has already raised over $40,000 it seems like a potential good wallet to back. For more information on the Visivo Wallet check out their crowdfunding page using the link below. 


The Elevate Wallet

Another wallet that is innovating using unique material. The Elevate wallet is a 100% welded construction wallet, with a seamless design and eco friendly. The wallet itself is another typical bi-fold shape with the Elevate wallet focusing more on minimalism being more compact than most bi-fold (coming in at 87 x 100 x 3mm closed). This is helped by this material a Cordura TPU fabric that’s incredibly strong, durable, and resistant. 

Features include a range of card slots for a decent capacity of anywhere between 6 – 10 cards split among two internal compartments and 2 sets of ultra-fast compartments nearer the top. Much like any bi-fold, the Elevate comes with a full-width cash compartment at the top that is large enough to store even the largest of banknotes (EUROs/GDP). Finally, the wallet also comes with RFID Security for added protection against data fraud – nice. 

The wallet is one I’m looking forward to trying. It very much reminds me of the Pioneer range of wallets in the material choice and overall aesthetic. The only downside I can think of as far as the material’s overall feel. I find material such as Cordura is always quite unpleasant to the touch a sacrifice that usually accompanies stronger wallets. At current, the Elevate Wallet has raised over $10,000 already smashing its small goal of $1000. For more information check out their page using the link below.


Dash Bando 3.0 Wallet

Bando is a brand that’s not shy to crowdfunding having launched over 10 wallet related projects over the years. There latest, the Bando 3.0, improvised upon the 2.0 model that raised over $250,000 only one year ago. It begs the question as to why Dash would release a new wallet so soon after their previous one. It also seems as many backers, for the Bando 2.0, have yet to receive their wallets – just something to keep in mind. 

Anyways, the Bando 3.0 capitalizes on the popularity of the pop-up wallet combining it with its classic thin slim Dash wallet to create a more multi-functional wallet. For those who don’t know pop-up wallets use a metal mechanism that allows cards to, as the name suggests, pop-up or cascade out with a push of a button. It was originally popularised by brands like Secrid and most recently Ekster. 

Overall, the Bando 3.0 seems like a cash grab trying to capitalize on this pop-up wallet trend. The wallet doesn’t seem to offer anything that I couldn’t already find on the market and get in much faster than the estimated August 2021 delivery time. The wallet is more minimalist in size compared to other similar wallets. But in essence, I just don’t see the appeal. For more information on the Bando 3.0 check out their current Kickstarter campaign using the link below. 


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