Kickstarter Wallet Round-up

[February 2021]

I’d be lying if I said this month the choice of wallets being funded through Kickstarter and the likes wasn’t a bit pants. This might actually be the worst month we’ve ever reviewed probably due to it being winter, post-Christmas, and the fact we’re still suffering the economic impact from a pandemic. Nevertheless, we still have 2 wallets to bring you this February (only two!) Let’s dig into these two wallets and see what they have to offer. 


Noty 4.0 Travel Wallet 

You don’t get that many Travel wallets on Kickstarter. Generally speaking, Travel Wallets are quite a big niche item especially within a world where most countries are restricted on travel. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Noty from trying to get their latest travel wallet funded – the Noty 4.0. On first review, the Noty looks like a fantastic wallet. Its layout is very throughout and its functionality is just as great. Like most travel wallets the Noty 4.0 can store everything you can imagine ranging from standard wallet apparel, credit/debit cards, and cash, with your travel accessories (passport, tickets, etc…).

Currently, the Noty 4.0 has already smashed its crowdfunding goal having already raised over $20K with 2 weeks left to go. I really think the Noty 4.0 is a great choice in the travel accessories market and look forward to getting my hands on one when it’s released to the public. For more information on the Noty 4 check out their Kickstarter page using the link below.


Japenese ID Wallets

While being 100% handmade in Japan and with some unique design and amazing quality leather, this range of Japanese has amazing style with vintage and classy look them. A quick note regarding Japanese wallets. Japan is a very cash-centric country with more than most choosing to use cash as opposed to credit or debit cards. Because of this, many Japanese wallet brands tend to focus more on the traditional aspects of a wallet with more room for cash, coins, and business cards (which are still widely used). 

Based in Osaka, Japan, Naoki Onizuka, the creator of this range of wallets, has created this range of wallets with all this in mind. With a variety of small leather wallets available, they all have a fantastic look, high-quality full-grain leather, and functional designs. Currently, Naoki Onizuka has raised a little over $300 in its Kickstarter campaign. For more information visit them directly and show your support using the link below.


Button Shy Wallet Games

While not exactly a wallet (in fact not a wallet at all), I thought I’d give an honorary mention to Shy Wallet Games. I’ve actually come across these guys before. This isn’t Shy Wallet’s first rodeo when it comes to Kickstarter success with over 40 successful previous campaigns. Because of this, it makes sense they’d like to continue their Kickstarter success with a so-called ‘reprint’ campaign where they’re basically offering the exact same as their first campaign. 

Shy Wallet games are essentially a series of mini portable games, that can be carried easily (in a cardholder style wallet) and can be played anywhere. The idea is great, with an easy and fun way to pass the time with others if you’re bored, traveling, or just want to have fun. Although I’ve not tried any of the games, they all look super fun and have great reviews by the masses. 

The main reason I’ve mentioned Shy Wallet Games is they’re the perfect accompaniment to any wallet. Because the games are so small they can easily fit in any traditional wallet. The Kickstarter campaign is currently sitting at $80,000 with 19 days still left to go. For more information visit their campaign by using the link below.


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