Itek Kodiak Wallet Review

A Multi-Tool Infused EDC Wallet

The Itek Kodiak Wallet is a fascinating little Tactical Wallet (also known as an EDC Wallet) that serves to provide a wallet combined with unique functionality. In the case of the Itek Kodiak, that is in the form of a removable multi-tool that both has a range of features (more on this later) yet acts as the body of the wallet to secure and hold your cards when not in use. The wallet itself is made out of a combination of metal (undisclosed but assumed aluminum or titanium) along with a Bearskin Leather exterior that acts as a cover to keep your cash and cards secured. Bearskin is an unusual leather choice and not a type of exotic leather I’d come across before. I couldn’t find any information on the distinct advantages of bearskin but on inspection, it seems tough, durable, and high quality. 

In terms of the Itek Kodiak’s features, it has a maximum capacity of up to 10 credit/debit cards and enough room for 20 banknotes folded. This is a great capacity considering the smaller size. We can’t not mention the multi-tool which is cleverly integrated into the wallet and includes features such as a bottle opener and a range of different sized wrenches. To use the tool you will need to essentially dismantle the wallet (prise the leather away from the metal), which can be a little fiddly but necessary with the way the wallets designed. 

At a price tag of $74.99 (currently reduced to $59.99), the wallet is on the mid/upper level of the price spectrum. The wallet resembles the likes of the popular tactical wallet the Dango M1 Maverick (the resemblance is hard to miss) but comes in at a much-reduced price tag. I really enjoyed my time using the Itek Kodiak Wallet. It was easy to use and very well made for extensive use without worry. For more information on the wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 71% 71%
  • Design 67% 67%
  • Price 60% 60%



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