The Fusion Wallet 2 Review 

This wallet is truly a spectacle to behold. Handcrafted from quality aluminium and a variety of hardwood’s wallet is a true alternative to the traditional billfold we’re used to. Being born from raising over £25K on Kickstarter the designer and builder Thomas Johnson is an innovative and creative mind who built his manufacturing facility to help breathe life into his projects and create wallets never before seen.

Currently, the fusion wallet exists in many different incarnations. The wallet I bought is the Fusion Wallet 2 which comes in three sizes, small, large and extra-large. Having purchased the small version the wallet is incredibly sleek with a build quality higher than any mainstream wallet manufacturer. Let’s take a closer look at the Fusion Wallet and what it has to offer. 

Look & Design

While visually stunning the fusion wallet does lack comfort. The transition from a soft material wallet to a hard-edged wooden & metal one isn’t something I’m personally used to. Although I found this less of an issue with the small version, I can quickly see the added bulk and size of the larger and extra-large models could cause some issues, especially for those prone to wearing skinny jeans (or any tight clothes for that matter).

Regardless of this, the wallet feels high quality. The cold brush metal in my hand combined with the soft rigid wood makes me feel like I’m holding the iPhone of the wallet world. It even smelt amazing when I first opened it. From a beauty and attraction standpoint, the Fusion Wallet beats all.

Functionality & Utility 

The Fusion Wallet 2 comes in four different hardwoods and three varying sizes. My exact model is the small mahogany which measures 99mm x 61mm x 11mm and weighs 64kg. Compared to other wallets this weight is quite heavy but despite this, I didn’t mind the additional weight as it’s to be expected from a wallet made from wood and metal. The other 3 wood types Walnut, Oak and Iroko are also visually stunning. I can’t fault the craftsmanship, Thomas does build highly robust, quality pieces and I get the feeling he’d never settle for anything less.

I do regret not purchasing a larger model (I got the small) as there are stark differences between the 3 sizes (I talk more about this later) so keep that in mind during the review. The wallet can only fit around 4 – 6 cards total and that’s not because there’s no real way to store your notes. Notes are stored in the same place as your cards which can be a little annoying as your cash can feel a little insecure.


The Fusion Wallet 2 starts at £50.00 for the small, £65.00 for the large and £80.00 for the extra-large. Although this seems pretty steep for a wallet keep in mind that the designer and builder Thomas Johnson makes these single-handedly in his workshop. This is a price I think most people are willing to pay for such amazing handmade items. It is cheap for what you get as other handmade wallet manufacturers can charge up to £300 for a wallet of this calibre. 

Final Verdict

A Wallet of pure joy. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and own a handmade wallet with a difference then I highly recommend the Fusion 2 Wallet. The lead time might be a little longer than you’d expect from a custom-made wallet (as they’re made to order) so if the Fusion wallet is something you think you’d like to order it ASAP.

For more information on the Fusion, wallet check out their website by clicking here. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their full range of amazing custom-built wallets. 


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