The Carved Alloy Wallet Review

The Unique Wood & Resin Wallet

The Carved Alloy Wallet is one of the most distinctive, wallets I’ve come across in a very long time. Made from a combination of aluminum, wood, and resin the wallet has a timeless look and quality to it, while also being minimalist in size. The most unique aspect of the carved alloy wallet comes down to the back, where each wallet from Caved is unique as no two wallet designs will ever be exactly the same. As the pictures show, these abstract designs are created using a unique Wood and resin method. Carved start with a raw wood burl, dry and stabilize it, add the colors of resin, and leave it to set. It’s then all put together in the aluminum shell for a truly unique wallet look.

In terms of functionality, the carved alloy wallet really stands out for anyone who wants to streamline their everyday carry and carry less with them on a daily basis. The wallet works just as well as many other metal wallets, with cards stacked together in the back, held in place with an elastic strap. The wallet can easily hold between four to five cards in total with cash being held in the same area folded underneath the secure elastic strap.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with the carved alloy wallet. The distinctive design and the range of variations in the resin really creates a once in a lifetime unique wallet. Functionality is absolutely fine but obviously comes with the drawbacks of a wallet of this size and style. Credit/debit cards can be difficult to access, and cash has to be folded underneath the elastic loop, which is inefficient when it comes to accessing it. That being said, at a price tag of around $60.00 I was surprised that these handmade resin wallets are as cheap as they are, and definitely worth the price tag, if not, a complete bargain. For more information on wood carved alloy wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.

  • Functionality 61% 61%
  • Design 93% 93%
  • Price 87% 87%


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