The Corature Wallet Review

A Traditional Cork Wallet

The Corature Wallet is a slim, bi-fold style wallet made entirely from the unique material Cork. Before we get onto what the Corature wallet offers functionality-wise we need to discuss why cork is a fantastic choice of material for any wallet and why it excels compared to other typical wallets such as leather. First of all, Cork, from a purely aesthetics point of view, is a beautiful material. Due to it being made from tree bark, Cork has a distinctive texture with no two pieces ever looking the same. This provides a really natural, authentic, and vintage look, that I absolutely love. 

Along with this, Cork also offers a bunch of other properties that you should definitely keep in mind. As no animals, or trees, are harmed in the processing of Cork (they just harvest the bark, leaving the trees unharmed), making the Corature wallet a good sustainable pick for vegan enthusiasts. Cork is also water-resistant (hydrophobic), buoyant, and much more durable than you would think for a long lasting wallet. 

The functionality of the Corature is pretty standard, taking the design of a bi-fold and including all the functionality you expect from any wallet of this type. In total, the Coratune has 8 slots in total for an approximate capacity of between 8 – 14 cards. A full-width slot resides at the top that can snugly store your banknotes. But apart from that, the Corature wallet doesn’t offer anything different or original other than any other traditional bifold. 

Overall, I think the Corature Wallet is a fine wallet at best, taking most of its advantages from its material choice. The functionality is fine, but nothing special allowing for simplistic and easy storage of cash and cards. At a price tag of $32.99, I think it’s fairly well priced, but I wouldn’t pay any more for it than this as other Cork wallets do exist at similar prices (Cokor to name but one). For more information on the Corature Wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below.

  • Functionality 55% 55%
  • Design 70% 70%
  • Price 68% 68%



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