Flip Wolyt Wallet Review

A classy bifold by Loft of Cambie

The Loft of Cambie Flip Wolyt is a smartly engineered minimalist bi-fold wallet that takes a distinctive look combining full-grain cowhide leather, and a fabric rim and interior for a classy look. What I really love about the Flip Wolyt is the clever design, creating a wallet that remains fairly slim (coming in at only 85 x 95 x 8mm) but also has some fantastic functionality that combines traditional features (such as good cash and cards storage) along with modern-day so-called ‘innovative’ features that a more attuned to our current social needs.  

To start with, you’ve got to admire the Flip Wolyt’s fantastic and distinctive design. While it’s made from premium leather the inside is a different material as the wallets inside lining. This cotton material also has a lovely stripy pattern that just looks fantastic and is available in a small range of colors including blue, red, and green. We also need to talk about the range of features the wallet has. The Flip Wolyt has a reasonable debit/credit card capacity of 1-10 cards with a full-width banknote slot for easy access and storage. Along with these, the Flip Wolyt also includes effective quick-access slots, a secret pocket for keys & coins, and even a small slot for a Nano Sim Card. All these features worked well with great implementation. 

Overall, I used the wallet for around 3 weeks in my daily life, and in summary, the wallet was lovely to use. The features were useless, cash and cards were easy to access and I never grew bored of the awesome design. I generally never found a use for the SD card slot as it’s a little too niche for my needs. The wallet aged well and provided a high quality carry thanks to its great material choice. 

TL;DR: I love the distinctive design and array of innovative features the Loft and Cambie Flip Wolyt has to offer. The only downside is I found the leather isn’t quite as ‘premium’ as the brand seems to indicate, so just keep that in mind. That being said at a decent price of $55.00 there’s not much you can complain about. For more information on the Flip Wolyt click the link below. 

  • Functionality 80% 80%
  • Design 70% 70%
  • Price 67% 67%



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