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7 Unusual & Fascinating Facts about Wallet

Wallets have a long history dating back to the early greeks. After all, everybody needed a compact and efficient way to carry their cash with them on a daily basis. Today I’m going to share 7 intestine facts with you about wallets that you probably didn’t know. 

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Did you Know: The first wallets were made in the 17th century and were made from leather (which is still popular today). They were designed to be carried in a coat pocket and resemble more of a coin purse than a wallet due to the prevalence of coins at the time. Credit Cards weren’t invented until 1959 which is when the design of wallets changed to what we know today.

Did you know: In ancient Greece, men would carry small leather pouches called “pursees” to carry their coins and other belongings? This was due to the fact that paper money wasn’t invented until the 17th century. These pursees are commonly referred to as the first wallet. 


Did You know: The word “wallet” comes from the Old English word “wealthe,” which means “roll of cloth.” When Shakespeare used the word to describe a wallet he described something that more resembles a backpack today.

Did You know:  In Japan, traditional wallets are made from cloth called “mamori-bukuro.” Today, they are often given as gifts for good luck and protection and usually incorporate ornate designs with traditional symbols from Japan. Today, small decorative Omamori are used as amulets hung in shines said to provide luck and protection. 


Did You know: The tradition of carrying a wallet in the back pocket started in the late 19th century when trousers became more fitted and the front pockets became smaller. Today, carrying a wallet in your back pocket is very common although it has been linked to back pain which is commonly referred to as ‘Fat Wallet Syndrome. 


Did You know: In some cultures, the size of a man’s wallet is considered a sign of wealth and status? This is true in certain Indian & Asian Cultures. This is oftentimes why larger wallets are still popular in these countries as opposed to the smaller more minimalist-sized wallets that are very common in Western countries today. The color of your wallet can also have different meanings and the way it’s organized (Feng-Shui).


Did You know: Wallets are often seen as a fashion accessories and can cost thousands of dollars? One such wallet is the Bejeti Wallet made from Meteroties that are around 4 -5 billion years old. This wallet, with its distinctive “Widmanstätten” patterns, costs a staggering $29,500 with the cheapest wallet in their collection still $850.00. Talk about paying a pretty penny. 


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