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Sometimes you can find yourself needing a little extra space in your wallet. You could upgrade to a larger size, but you’re quite content with the wallet you have. What choices do you have to expand the capacity of your wallet? Introducing Wallet Inserts. A Wallet Insert is a simple but effective way to expand the capacity of any wallet allowing for more space to carry the things you need with minimal added bulk. 

They’re designed and closely resemble little plastic wallets that are perfectly shaped and sized to fit in a typical wallet card slot expanding its storage. They’re incredibly affordable, highly durable, and one of the easiest ways to expand the capacity of your wallet without having to purchase a new wallet. This article is going to go through some of our top picks for wallet inserts. Keep in mind, that not all wallet inserts are created equally. Decide to spend too little and they’ll easily break and won’t last even a few months. Spends just a little more and you should be good for years. 

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Things to consider when looking for wallet inserts

Marshal Wallet Inserts (Largest Capacity/Value for Money)

Bullz Heavy Duty Inserts (Most Durable)

Alpine Swiss Inserts (Best Big Brand)


Things to Consider with Wallet Inserts

When it comes to deciding on a new wallet with many card slots it pays to do a little bit of thinking about what you carry with you, and what you may, in the future, carry with you. Think about your current wallet. How many credit/debit cards do you currently carry? Do you have other cards like loyalty, gift cards or ID’s that you need and will continue to need in the near future? 

How many cards do they actually store?

This is probably the biggest consideration. You need to figure out how extra card slots you actually want. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and have extra space than too little. Having too many wallet inserts can easily bulk your wallet out so less is more when finding the perfect one for you. 

What material are they made from?

Most of these wallet inserts will be made from plastic. That being said, not all plastic is created equally and things like thickness and quality do play a big part. As I mentioned earlier, poor-quality wallet inserts break easily and simply won’t last as long. Inserts are already incredibly cheap so paying that little bit extra can pay off in the long run.

What color are they?

Many popular wallet inserts come in a weird ”off blue” color. These, in my opinion, are worth avoiding. Not only are they less durable but they don’t provide the clearest view though when looking at your credit/debit cards.


Marshal Wallet Inserts

Marshal offers some of the most durable wallet inserts I’ve tried. They are made from thick durable plastic and have a great window for a clear view through to your credit/debit cards. These specific accordion style inserts have 7 pages in them making them store a lot of cards and can also be used for photos and other smaller items thanks to the insert’s tight fit keeping them insecure and unlikely to unintentionally fall out. 

As with most wallet inserts they’re very cheap and Marshal’s are no expectation. At just $4.91 you get not one but two sets of accordion-style card inserts which make them great value for money. For more information on Marshal, and their full range of wallet inserts, check them out on Amazon using the link below. 


Bullz Heavy Duty Inserts

Bullz pride itself on the sheer durability of its wallet inserts. As their name suggests these ‘heavy duty’ inserts are designed to last a lifetime and are by far the thickest on this list being made out of vinyl. This comes with both pros and cons. The thicker material does mean higher quality and more durable product but it also makes them much larger in size and harder to carry around. You can quickly find yourself with a bulging wallet so choosing the right wallet to fit these inserts is important. 

These are also styled in a different way from other inserts on this list in a more of a self-contained wallet in and of itself. Bullz Inserts could definitely be used as a standalone wallet if you wanted or, an additional wallet for other less used cards. At a price tag of $4.97, these inserts are a bargain and a great way to better and more effectively manage a large number of cards. For more information on Bullz Heavy Duty Inserts check them out on Amazon using the link below. 


Alpine Swiss Inserts

Alpine Swiss has a huge variety of different inserts to choose from ranging from large to small and a variety of different combinations and layouts. My favorite, the 6-page wallet inserts come in sets of two and can store a total of 12 cards in total. Although they’re made from heavy-duty plastic, they still don’t have quite the same quality as others on this list and do seem a little flimsy. That being said, the lighter material does offer a lighter and more compact wallet which is a big plus.

Overall, I found the Alpine Swiss Inserts great to use and, of course, great value coming in at only $5.99+. They offer a more streamlined alternative to others on this list and come one a large and well-respected brand. With over 1,900 positive reviews at 4 stars plus you can be sure that they’ll be worth the investment and help further expand the capacity of your wallet. For more information on Alpine Swiss’ Wallet inserts check out their official website using the link below.


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