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What I love most about Linq is their sheer choice and array of Digital Business Cards at varying price points. This allows nearly anyone, even those on a strict budget, to get their hands on a business card without having to break the bank. An NFC Business card is the next evolution of networking allowing you to seamlessly transfer data and information to smart devices effortlessly with a simple tap much like contactless credit cards. 

Much like other NFC Business Cards we’ve reviewed in the past Linq allows a great array of customization and personalization options that far exceeds what we’ve seen in the past and when compared to others. This is a pretty big deal, and one of the reasons why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a full review of the Linq Digital Business Card – Let’s jump straight in. 

Linq Card Customization

What I love about Linq is it requires the entire surface of the card to be customized with your own choice of image. This is unlike many other Smart Business Card competitors that only allow specific areas on the card to be customized, for example, with a simple logo or text. Their in-built builder system is also worth mentioning as it’s probably the best I’ve used in the NFC space. 

It’s incredibly intuitive and allows for incredible customization options. They also have integration with a free stock image company that allows you to browse through over 140 million high-quality images to try, test, or use to your desire free of charge. With 8 different colors to choose from 3 different materials (plastic, wood, and metal), and a whole editor of choices to play around with I was blown away by the personalization options provided by the Linq Card.


Quality & Materials

As mentioned above Linq do a great job of providing a small array of different materials to choose from. This isn’t as large of an array as other NFC Companies but does provide a decent array for most people’s needs. 

The three different material choices include a scratch-resistant matte finish polyvinyl (essentially a strong plastic), wood or specifically bamboo (sourced ethically), and premium stainless steel. Please keep in mind though that full customization is only available with the plastic Linq cards with the metal cards only coming in pure black. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of all the materials of the Linq Card. The plastic was very durable and for its price range actually exceeded some of Linq’s competitors who charge a higher price. The metal cards are simply gorgeous and just as good quality as you’d imagine from a premium stainless steel with Linq again undercutting their competitors in terms of price. 


Other NFC Products

If a Business Card isn’t exactly what you’re looking for then Linq also offers a good array of other NFC Compatible items, that work in the same way, but come in different forms and alterations. These are great because they come in varying price points (cheaper and more expensive than the Linq Card), but also add more convenience depending on your own individual needs. Below is just a quick look at the various other NFC Products Linq provide:

Linq Bracelet: ($19.99): An NFC Bracelet made from soft silicone. 

Linq Tap: ($14.99): The smallest of the Linq NFC lineup. The dot can is a tiny button-shaped device that can be stuck to another device like your phone.

Linq Band for Apple Watch: ($49.99): Expand the functionality of your Apple Watch with a watch strap infused with NFC – The first of its kind! 

Linq Hubs: ($24.99): Made from Businesses, the Linq Hub is an NFC Terminal that promptly and visually gives potential customers the opportunity to see and view anything from your latest products, social profiles, menu, and more. 


The Linq Profile

One of the main advantages of a smart business card comes from the power of its analytical capabilities and being able to track and easily store clients’ information. Having an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience along with the ability to track users who have visited your page is a must for any NFC Platform. The Linq Profile is pretty good at covering all basis’ along with adding some unique features I’ve not come across in other competitors. 

The analytics gives a great overview of various metrics including views and clicks along with being able to segment this over various periods of time. Unofuntarly, a lot of the capabilities of the analytics and Linq App are stuck beyond a paywall. To gain access to everything you’d need to pay for Linq Pro which provides a wide range of additional features. This only costs $5.00 a month, but just something to keep in mind if any features you want are not included as standard. 

Some of the features below include:

Create email signature. 

Create multiple different pages for various needs.

Blocks allow you to add various different content sites to your page, completely customizable to your branding. 

CRM + Marketing Intergrations.


Final Verdict

Overall, I was incredibly happy with my time using the Linq Card and the few other Linq products I got to try out. Overall, Linq offers a great array of features, customization options, and additional NFC products that are innovative and go beyond the norm. Not only this but Linq is highly competitive with its pricing and comes in far lower than many NFC Competitors on the market without compromising features or quality. For more information on the Linq Card visit their official website using the linq below. 


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