Dodo Durable Wallet Review

A Phone Case Wallet Built to Last

The Durable Wallet by Dodo is an iPhone Case Wallet that uses a range of durable materials to combine your phone into a dual-purpose hybrid. Where the Durable Wallet differs is in its design. Most phone cases use a hard case style that fits around the body of the wallet. Where this wallet case differs is that it’s more of a sleeve or pocket that uses soft material. This material is a combination of leather and a rugged waxed canvas. The leather is really high quality being full-grain leather and has a soft touch to it while the canvas is more durable with a hardy disposition.

The functionality of the case is open to debate but generally, it’s more of a way to carry essential cards or cash kept alongside another wallet (it’s not a replacement). While only being able to store between 1 – 3 cards and little cash folded and stored in the same area. Because of this, I wouldn’t consider the Dodo Phone Case Wallet a direct replacement for your wallet. After all, the case itself only has room for very little cards, usually much less than what a typical person carries with them (even for minimalists). 

The Durable Wallet comes in at a price tag of $49.95 which is a mid-priced attempt at a phone case wallet. Is this worth the hefty price tag? The case definitely looks the part in my opinion with a vintage or classy look. That being said, the functionality as a protection device isn’t the best and its storage of credit/debit cards doesn’t come close to what other iPhone Case Wallets have to offer. For more information on the dodo range of cases, and the Durable Wallet, check out Dodo’s official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 50% 50%
  • Design 72% 72%
  • Price 67% 67%



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