The Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

There’s no doubt Wallet Phone Cases are incredibly versatile when it comes to combining your phone and wallet together. After all, by doing this you automatically reduce the number of things you carry on a daily basis and, in essence, making your life easier when out and about. Today we’re going to be reviewing phone cases for the iPhone 11, including its variations including the iPhone 11 XR, iPhone 11 Pro, and the Larger Pro Max.

The great thing about the phone cases is their unique way of combining your daily carry. For example, if you so choose, you could entirely stop carrying a wallet and only carry a combination of two. This instantly reduces what you carry as two items become one. The downside of this is if you ever lose your smartphone you’ll also lose your wallet so if you’re prone to misplacing things this might not be the best idea for you. 

Is a Phone Case Wallet right for me?

That’s entirely down to you. I find phone case wallets best for people who carry very few things on them and have previously been using a minimalist or slim wallet. I also recommend a case for people who have a tendency to drop or cause unnecessary damage to their phones as it usually is a smart investment. Answer the following questions below. If any of your answers are ‘yes’ then a phone case wallet might be right for you.

I hate carrying too many things with me on a daily basis (phone, wallet, keys, etc…). 

I don’t often update my smartphone very frequently. If I purchase a new phone I’ll own it for a good 2 – 3 years.

I don’t own many credit/debit cards nor do I enjoy carrying banknotes with me (I’m cashless most of the time). 

Different types of iPhone Case Wallets

If you’re pretty set on getting a phone case wallet for your iPhone then it’s now time consider the different types of cases available to you. These types don’t have any specific kind of name but i’ll briefly describe the types of design and features they have. This phone case wallets mentioned in this article will have a range of different types for you to consider at a range of prices.

Hard/Bumper Cases: These cases usually have very little storage for cash or cards but prioritize protection over everything else. These cases are perfect for people who often find themselves dropping or damaging their wallets and want some form of protection.

Leather or Fabric: The alternative to hardstyle cases are their leather or fabric counterparts. Although these aren’t as protective when it comes to potential damage the fabric is much more pleasant to touch and could provide much more functionality in terms of cash and card storage. 

Simple or Functional: The final type is more of a general rule that simply splits up the different categories, not in material or type, but into whether the wallet case is simple (minimalist in design) or more functional (can carry more cash or cards).


Vaja iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Price Tag: $129.00

I thought it would be nice to put some more premium options in this review and that’s what the Vaja Leather Case provides. Vaja is a brand built on handmade craftsmanship only using the top quality authentic full-grain leather in all its products. Their hides are carefully selected from the top 10% of Argentina’s best leathers based on its strength, durability, and unique attractive character and grain. 

In terms of Vaja’s offering, they are most renowned for their huge range of iPhone cases along with the huge variety of customization options available. In fact, if you want to fully customize your own wallet, from color, accents, and monogram then you can do so in their inbuilt design editor. Along with this option, Vaja also provides pre-made wallets (all customizable wallets are made to order) including the iPhone 11 Wallet Case. 

Made from the previously mentioned quality leather and designed in an entire bumper style wrap-around casing. The Vaja case is very durable and comfortable to hold and provides a great compromise between style and accidental damage thanks to its polycarbonate backbone. Along with this the whole wallet is secured and held shut thanks to the magnetic closure clip. Finally, the wallet has satisfactory storage capacity for a wallet of this type with dedicated slots for 3 – 6 cards and another slot for any banknotes you might have. 

TL;DR : A great all-round iPhone 11 wallet case. Amazing quality in craftsmanship with all the features you’ll ever need. If you’re willing to part hands with your cash it’s a great choice. For more information on the Vaja iPhone Case visit their website by clicking the link below. 


Smartish Wallet Slayer Case

Price Tag: $14.99

If you’re looking for damage control and affordability then you can do a lot worse than the Smartish Slayer Case. The brand name ‘smartish’ is a term coined to describe people who take the step to combine their phones and wallets together, to simplify the overly complex, and make life easier as we go. The Cases put most emphasis on providing a protective casing with the Slayers’ ability to store cash and cards reduced to only a small amount (3 cards and a few banknotes folded). 

The Smartish Wallet Slayer case is made from a highly flexible rubber-like material in a bumper style appearance. This material also provides a high grip texture so it’s very easy to hold and keeps the wallet secure even when wet. Material is also highly lightweight which means even when in use the wallet doesn’t gain much weight to be a problem. The wallet comes in a small selection of colors (black, blue, and white) but also comes with a personalization option, for an increased price tag of $29.99) where you can have text, add, and even images to the back of the phone case. 

TL;DR: Great for the clumsy people in the world. The wallet does a great job of protecting your phone while providing ample storage for a few credit cards and cash. Also a fantastic price tag. For more information on the Slayer Case check out their website using the link below.


Jimmy iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Price Tag: $54.00 – $59.00

I first stumbled upon Jimmy Cases when my dad wanted a case that had great protection but also had some style too. The range of colors available is fantastic with different options available and is all available at a fantastic price. 

The Jimmy Case is actually made from a combination of 3 materials. The first, rubber, is what the iPhone is encased in to provide protection and resistance to damage when dropped. The second is a wooden plate. This sits at the back and provides a lovely contrast and a unique look. I’d be lying if I said I thought this brought any functional features but it sure does look nice. Finally, the third, being the elasticated back that stretches over the wood and acts as a pocket for storage of your cash and cards. This pocket can hold up to 6 cards easily and leaves room for additional banknotes if necessary. 

Coming in at a price tag between $54.00 – $59.00 the Jimmy iPhone 11 Case is a fantastic addition to anyone’s everyday day carry. It not only has a fantastic look to it, thanks to its combination of wood and elastic, but has great protection and okay storage. It’s definitely not my top choice if you’re looking for ‘more wallet features’ but if you’re looking to carry a wallet and a phone case wallet with you at the same time this could definitely be for you. 

TL;DR: If you’re looking for a more natural phone case wallet (made from wood) and a distinct design the Jimmy Case is a fantastic affordable choice. It comes in a range of designs and has ample functionality for a more minimalist everyday carrier. 


Wally Cases 11 Series

Price Tag: $50.00 ($35.00 on sale)

Distil Union is a brand that has always impressed me with its range of innovative wallets and phone cases. The Wallet Case 11 Series is no different and they take a very simplistic and minimalistic take to combine a wallet and a case together. The phone case itself is a classic bumper style that encases your phone for protection of the back and sides. The back of the case itself is made from premium leather that looks and feels great in the hand. 

Where the Wally 11 Series really excels is in how it integrates a quick access pull tab into the case to allow for easy access to your credit/debit cards. This is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is pull on a hidden piece of elastic and your cards will slide out. The case can hold up to 4 cards while also works seamlessly with wireless charging. For a price tag of only $35.00 the phone case really excels at providing a well-priced take on an iPhone 11 case from a reputable and respected brand. For more information on the Wally Cases 11 Series by Distil Union check out their website using the link below. 

TL;DR: A great choice for people who want that added pull tab functionally and want a well-made minimalist designed wallet. The price tag isn’t too shabby either with a decent capacity for credit/debit cards. 


Popsocket Pop Wallet

Price Tag: $30.00

The most minimalist choice of this list, the Popsocket Pop Wallet is an innovative take on a wallet case combining the popular Popsocket and phone case wallet together. For those who don’t know, Popsockets are an attachable standard that fits securely at the back of any smartphone irrespective of the model. It serves a dual purpose of a way to easily grip your wallet while providing a way to prop-up and mount your phone. Where the Pop Wallet differs from the classic Popsocket is with its included phone case that allows you to store a small account of cash and cards within. This includes up to  3 credit cards, 6 business cards, or a generous amount of cash. 

Personalization options are something other case wallets lack on this list and the Pop Wallet allows for some of the best I’ve ever come across. You can choose between a variety of different standard designs or upload your own where you can get a fully customized Pop Wallet with an image of your choice with full customization options available on their website. 

Finally, the Pop Wallet is simply a cheap option. If you swap smartphones quite regularly then you can easily remove this from any phone and apply it to a new one regardless if the phone model, shape, or size changes. All this can be found at a price tag of only $30.00. For more information on the Pop Wallet check out our full review or visit their official website using the link below. 

TL;DR: An affordable and versatile option for people who change smartphones quite often and also love to use a Popsocket. It’s also a great gift and for people who love the unique aspect of designing and personalizing their belongings. 


Nomad Rugged Folio 

Price Tag: $69.95

If you’re looking for a sleek design then the Nomad Rugged Folio Case might be the one for you. This is my favorite phone case wallet on this list purely from a design and aesthetics aspect as the case really has a classy look being built and made out of some top-quality materials. This includes being made from a Black Horween Leather that develops a fantastic patina over time (for a unique look), also being available in a range of sleek color options. 

The Nomad Rugged Folio is also part hard case and has a full protection design. This includes a full polycarbonate body for shock resistance up to 6 feet and a front cover for a full front and back case design. The whole case is also very thin, especially compared to others on this list. This makes the wallet really minimalist and size adding very little bulk to the wallet for a nice feel in your pocket. 

In terms of The Folio’s functionality for cash and card storage, it’s very good. With 3 card slots and one note slot for a maximum capacity of up to 6 credit/debit cards. Along with this the Nomad case also comes with a dual lanyard, although not included so you can keep your phone attached and secure to your wrist and compatibility with wireless charging. 

TL;DR: My favorite wallet in terms of design and quality. The phone case is also very slim and strong making it a fantastic all-around wallet for size, durability, and functionality. That being said, this is one of the more expensive cases on this list. 


Coolden Shockproof Case

Price Tag: $15.00

As the hardiest wallet to make the list the Coolden is made from a shockproof plastic material that provides maximum protection against dropping your phone, scratches, or bumps. As a clumsy individual myself I found myself using this case the most as it provided ample wallet functionality while fully protecting my iPhone. 

It also comes in the largest array of colors – 9 to be exact. From traditional colors like black and blue though to a more premium look of gold and silver, the Coolden offers great customization options to fit your individual look. 

Simple and minimalist the case provides card storage through a sliding mechanism on the back of the case. Here is room to storage only 2 credit or debit cards. Not a lot but this case is less about the functionality of a wallet and more about a nice compromise between a wallet and a great case. 

I recommend this case for people who aren’t looking to replace their wallet but just want a few cards stored within their phone case for ease of use and quick access. And at a price tag of only $15.00, you can’t really complain. For more information on the Coolden case wallet click the link below. 


32nd Classic Series Wallet Case

Price Tag: $19.99

What I like about the Flip Book wallet case is they don’t shy away from the features. This wallet is for those people who are looking to completely replace their wallet with a phone case and want a variety of features from zip storage for your coins through to a dedicated area to store your headphones. 

The downside to this is the wallet is fairly bulky. Coming in at 15 x 8 x 2.5 cm the wallet is by far the biggest on the list as those additional features add some weight and size to the phone case. But as mentioned it’s all about features with this wallet and is equipped with 11 ID card slots, 3 cash slots, and a dedicated area to store your notes. 

Available in a small array of colors from brown, black, red, and green the wallet is attractive to look at and is made from faux leather which is soft to the touch. The price of the wallet is also very reasonable coming in at around $19.99. This is a fair price, especially when you consider the huge array of features the case wallet offers. For more information on the Classic Series iPhone case click below.


TORRO Cell Phone Wallet Case

Price Tag: $39.99

The Torro leather wallet case is my favorite on this list in terms of its overall design. The wallet is elegantly minimalist and simple and does a great job of keeping slim without any unnecessary bulk. As a flipbook design, the wallet opens up to present 4 dedicated card slots each with a capacity of 2 cards (8 total). It also has an integrated money slot although you may be forced to fold your notes in half depending on the currency you use. I’m from the United Kingdom and the British £20 note is an example of this. 

The actual casing your iPhone fits within is also a notable feature. This hard case is very secure and is lined with a soft microfiber material to prevent any unnecessary scratches. This is a great feature and often overlooked by many phone cases. Finally, the wallet comes in a nice array of colors including red, brown, and black.   

Coming in at $39.99  the wallet is fairly priced and is aimed at those who want a phone case wallet but in a minimalist design. For more information on the Torro, leather case wallet click the link below. 


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