The Craft Minimalist Wallet Review

The Craft Wallet is a unique take on the way we carry our stuff with us on a daily basis. With the ideology of minimalism and ease of access, the Craft Wallet is a great take on the traditional card case using a unique sliding mechanism to access your cards. Your cards are encased within a beautiful all-metal design which really adds to the aesthetics to your everyday carry.

Craft wallet first started back in 2016 by a student who wanted a quality wallet, minimal design and a capacity to match. His philosophy revolves around affordability. Having been a student I can completely understand that the price range of certain wallets on the market is too much for a student and this is reflected within the pricing structure of the craft wallet.

‘Empowered by the people through crowdfunding, the original Craft Wallet set the brand apart by bringing quality and minimalist designs at radically fair prices. Today, after two very successful crowdfunding campaigns, selling thousands of wallets to over 110 countries and buying the factory where the wallets are produced in Portugal, we’re ready to give you the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy’.

Look & Design

The first thing that caught my eye about the Craft wallet was its design. Made from premium aerospace-grade aluminum, thermally treated for peak perfection. This is apparent straight from the initial unboxing. It’s clear Craft but a lot of time and emphasis on maintaining quality in every wallet they produce. 

The design also is accentuated by the range of different design options available. Whether you want the Craft wallet in all black, gold or covered in leather. The range of customization options is higher than most wallets on the market today which is a big benefit in my book. The customization options don’t end their though. You also get the choice to add personalization to the wallet. For an additional fee, you can have up to 30 characters etched into the side of the wallet. 

Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Craft wallet is simple. With a capacity of 1 – 6 cards the wallet is made from people with a streamlined minimal carry and is made to enhance the way you carry the few items that you do. Apart from the design, the other selling point of the Craft is the way you go about accessing your cards. On the side of the wallet is a button that with a simple touch cascades or fans out your cards in a way where you have easy access to each. This is a great method. Many minimalist wallets suffer from what I coined ‘card bulking’ where cards are stacked on top of each other which makes it very difficult when it comes to taking cards out. 

Apart from that, the wallet is a joy to use on a daily basis. The wallet is slim enough that you can’t feel it in the pocket and the design is flexible enough to make paying for anything a breeze. It has to be mentioned that the wallet doesn’t have any capacity for banknote storage. This is fine if you have gone cashless (like myself) but wouldn’t be ideal for those who do. An inclusion of a tight rubber band to fit around the wallet would have been a nice optional inclusion for those who do want this ability. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Craft wallet is a great example of great engineering, attractive design, and innovative functionality. The price is also something to mention. Coming in at a price tag between $65 – $90 (approx) the wallet is priced accordingly with its premium quality and features. The wallet also comes with what Craft calls their ‘lifetime warranty’. This means that if anything was to go wrong with the wallet they’ll do their best to fix it or replace the wallet if needs be. 

For more information on the Craft Wallet check out their official website – and full range – by clicking on the link below. 


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