The Dango S1 Stealth Wallet Review

The Good
  • Unique features such as key storage.
  • Made from DTEX material, a unique material that has great features such as durability and strength.
  • From one of the biggest and most trusted wallet brands Dango.
The Bad
  • Not very efficient at storing cash effectively. Physical banknotes have to be folded multiple times to fit correctly.
  • Lack of various options when it comes to color. Only available in a matte grey.
  • The DTEX material, although durable, is a little course and unusual to the touch.

Dango is a brand that shouldn’t need any introduction. Being one of the most popular brands dedicated entirely to wallets and wallet multi-tools they first rose to fame from a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where they successfully raised over $350,000 in one of the best examples of crowdfunding in recent years. They are best known as a brand that innovative their range of metal wallets and provide some of the most tactical wallets that provide a range of unique functionality best suited for those who enjoy the outdoors or need tools not normally used by most people on a daily basis.

The wallet we’re going to be reviewing today is the Dango S1 Stealth wallet. This wallet is a little different than most in their range (not being made from metal is the main difference) along with having a more affordable price tag. Let’s now go into detail regarding what the S1 wallet can offer you.


Look & Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Stealth wallet is its small size and incredible thinness. Coming in at just 5″w x 2.825″h x .4″ thick the wallet is best suited for people who are looking to either downsize their current wallet or people who simply carry less with them on a daily basis. The material also keeps in tune with the core brand principles of Dango being made from a material known as DTEX. This strong and durable material is firm to the touch and has many great additional properties including water resistance. The S1 Stealth only comes in one color (kind of disappointing) a matt textured grey.

Overall, the wallet looks fantastic and is overall very pleasing to the eye. The main factor selling factor, along with its functionality which we’ll talk about later, is the DTEX material. The material is really unique and based on a variety of durability tests I’ve conducted is strong beyond belief and I have no doubt it could last a very long time.


Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Stealth wallet is where this wallet really shines. With a capacity for up to 9 cards, the wallet does a great job of being able to store a large amount of credit/debit cards but is able to retain its slim profile meaning the wallet is still slim and can’t easily be felt in the pocket. Cash can also be stored in a slot in the middle of the wallet with a fair capacity, but notes will have to be folded to do so. The Stealth wallet also has a cutout at the very front of the wallet. This serves two purposes. It keeps the weight of the wallet to a minimum (less material) but also allows you to easily slide out your cards in an easy to access manner.

The most unusual feature of the wallet is the compartment on the reverse side of the wallet. This small slot is used to securely store a key of your choice with ease. A usual feature for sure, and not something everyone would use, but if you’re somebody who has that ‘one’ key that they use very frequently on a daily basis it could be logistical to have this on your wallet as opposed to a keychain. The second more unique feature is the metal attachment loop at the very top of the wallet. This allows you to, if you choose, to secure the wallet in a lanyard style or attach it to your belt or bag with a device such as a carabiner. 

Finally, the Stealth wallet comes with RFID security as standard. For those who don’t know this technology helps prevent theft from contactless card fraud by blocking the signals used to activate it. It’s still very open to debate whether this crime is even one worth such a feature (as the crime rates are very low) but given the price of the wallet it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry and it’s nice for peace of mind.


Price Tag

The price of the Dango S1 Stealth wallet comes in at a low $35.00. If you’re familiar with this brand you’ll know that this is very cheap compared to the other wallets in their range such as the D1 or M1 both that could be near the $100.00 mark. Being one of the cheapest wallets in their range the S1 is a great gateway wallet for people looking for a slim wallet with great durability and I think at the affordable price of $35.00 this is very reasonable.

Final Verdict

A great affordable wallet with some nice unique functionality. If these features are the type that you think you’ll use (like the unique key slot) then I think the Dango S1 is for you. At the same time these unique features might not fit everybody’s personal needs so the Dango S1 might not be worth it if these features don’t meet what you use your wallet for on a daily basis. 

Nevertheless, The Dango S1 Stealth wallet is a fantastic minimalist wallet. It’s build quality is strong and you can trust the amazing popularity of this wallet brand. For more information on the Dango S1 Stealth, or for additional reviews of the Dango wallet range check out their official website using the link below.


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