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Chester Mox was founded over 10 years ago with the simple idea of creating only the highest quality leather goods in the world. With attention to detail being at the forefront of their design and using some of the most luxurious leathers on the market. The wallet in which we’ll be reviewing is their slim card case that has a compact design best suited for minimalists.

Made from a choice of their Italian Vachetta #18 leather or Museum calf leather, both of these leathers are known for their quality. My personal favorite is the two is the Museum calf leather that is full-grain two-tone leather. This mean’s it has an antique look with a striking cloudy or even marble appearance. The benefits of being calf leather too are great as it provides a striking balance between a beautifully soft touch and durability. 

In terms of the wallet’s functionality, it does sit on the low side. The wallet is designed as a minimalist cardholder (coming in Size: 4.25″ x 3″H) at which means it sacrifices functionality in the name of keeping its size small. The Chester Mox wallet can store around 5 – 7 cards easily (depending on whether the cards are embossed or not) with cash also being stored in this one large internal compartment. It also comes with a strap that tightly closes the flap to hold folded cash and cards nicely in place. 

Finally, thanks to its handmade nature, many Personalization is available to choose from. This includes a nice array of color options (over 10), a custom monogram, and an upgrade that uses linen thread (supposedly more durable). Starting at a price tag of $110.00, the Chest Mox Wallet is a little pricy that for the quality you get I can’t say it’s overpriced. The wallet is a fine example of the many small leathercraft brands on the market today and is a truly unique piece that will satisfy minimalist and leather lovers alike. For more information, no the Chester Mox range of wallets visit their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 90% 90%
  • Price 67% 67%



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