The Big Skinny ‘Super Stretch’ Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing price coming in at just under $30.00.
  • It can store a huge array of cash and cards.
  • Made from strong durable nylon with elastic and rubber accents. 
  • Great warranty and guarantee. 
The Bad
  • Quality is questionable. 
  • The wallet looks a bit tacky. It lacks the kind of quality or upmarket appearance you get from a leather wallet.
  • Lacks some modern-day functionality features such as RFID.

Big Skinny is a popular brand that provides a huge range of affordable slim wallets. I’m not going to say that Big Skinny has reinvented the wheel with their wallets. They serve a very noble purpose in their designs. Slim wallets with affordability to match. In this review, we’re going to review the most popular wallet in their range – The Big Skinny ‘Super Stretch’ Wallet. As the name suggests this is their popular Super Skinny Bi-fold version of the wallet and really encompasses the design philosophy Big Skinny adopts in all the wallets they design and sell.

Big Skinny was first established over a decade ago (in 2005) with frustration with the overly large, bulky and thick wallets that were prevalent in the market around this time (this was before the minimalist wallet was really a thing). Taking 2 years and dozens of designs and materials tested, the founder, Kiril Stefan, finally designed a wallet that fit his own needs. Using a quality version of nylon microfiber material, along with a clever layout for great functionality, the original Big Skinny Sports Wallet was born. From here, they’ve gone onto creating a creative range of men’s wallets to suit the needs of anyone.


Look & Design

I’m going to be totally honest here. The Big Skinny range as a whole is fairly ugly in terms of its physical appearance. It probably has something to do with the use of materials (nylon) that, in my opinion, never looks very high quality. That being said, I don’t think that’s really what Big Skinny was going for. Their wallets were created for functionality over form and a wallet that can last. One customer review of the Super Stretch wallet said they’d used there’s for over 10 years, washed it several times and the wallet was still going strong with no sign of wear or tear. 

Nevertheless, not everybody is looking for a wallet that abides by these principles. For example, you’re never going to get the quality and craftsmanship of a full-grain leather wallet with Big Skinny. The wallet just doesn’t look that part. The Super Skinny itself is made from a combination of Nylon, elastic, and a rubber material that lines the pocket areas for added protection. The Super Skinny comes in a small range of similar color variants including Chocolate (a dark brown), Charcoal (grey), and Tuxedo (black).

Functionality & Utility 

Where the Super Skinny wallet really shines is in its functionality and usability in daily life. In a bi-fold style design, the wallet has 3 extra-wide credit card pockets for the storage of credit/debit cards and 1 regular size hidden credit card pocket located on the inside of the wallet. 

Given the size of the wallet I was a bit taken back by the fact Big Skinny themselves advertise the wallet can hold around 8 – 10 cards in each slot. I decided to put this to the test myself and although each card slot can fit a crazy amount of cards in each (I found 5 to be a great number) having 8 – 10 really started to take its toll on not only the size of the wallet (it bulks out quite significantly) but also in how easy it is to gain access to each card. 

Finally, the wallet has a full-size long bill area for storing physical banknotes that can accommodate a huge array of cash including different currencies from across the world. The note slot is roomy and secure with easy access with little to no effort. Here is a quick summary of some of the features of the big skinny wallet.

  • full-size extra-tall billfold area
  • 1 regular clear ID/credit card pocket
  • weighs barely an ounce
  • dimensions: (13.2 cm x 9.3 cm)
  • only ⅛” (4 mm) thin when closed

Price Tag

One of the amazing aspects of Big Skinny is its affordability. Regardless of the wallet, you choose I really don’t think you’ll pay any more than what’s fair with Big Skinny with the cheapest wallet coming in at only $9.00. The Super Skinny comes in at a very affordable $28.95 which in my opinion, and compared to other wallets on the market, is very fair and reasonable for the wallet you get. Put that with the companies Satisfaction Guarantee (refund or exchange if you’re unsatisfied with your wallet within 30 days) and you’ll be sure that there are no issues with at least trying a Big Skinny wallet to see if it’s right for you.

Final Verdict

I bought myself the Super Skinny as a replacement wallet for when I go camping or find myself in a more outdoor situation. The wallet can be handy and weather condition easily and it’s the type of wallet you can ‘throw about’ without any fear of damage. The Big Skinny range is a fantastic, well thought out wallet brand and I really can’t fault this wallet, and others, when it comes to its price and usability in practice. They’re not the most attractive wallet by I guess it’s what’s on the inside that counts. For more information on the Super Skinny wallet by Big Skinny check out their official website by clicking the link below,


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