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The Ranger Minimalist Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazingly versatile wallet with a great array of features.
  • Made from steel and coated in a powered paint. One of the most durable wallets I’ve come across.
  • It comes with a free multi-tool with 12 additional features.
  • RFID Security is included as standard.
The Bad
  • It can be quite difficult to access cards when on the move. Cards are stored in a stacking style.
  • It only has a max capacity for 8 cards. This might be a little low for a lot of people and the wallet doesn’t come in any additional sizes. 
  • It could be available in a few more color options (just 3).

The Ranger Minimalist Wallet is a take on the metal wallet made with precision and durability at its core. The wallet is meant as a segway into an EDC Wallet (everyday carry) one that provides a wide range of functions suited for an outdoor environment along with creating an item that can sustain the potential wear and tear of a harsh hands-on environment. Today, we’re going to review the Ranger wallet and see if this unique metal wallet (and included free multi-tool) is right for you.

Rugged Material was founded by Tyler, inspired by his dad and having been raised surrounded by National and State Parks that surrounded him in the outdoors. With extremely rugged terrain, it demanded a lot from his gear, yet as time went on, he found that the gear wasn’t up to scratch and needed something more. This is where he found the inspiration for Rugged Material, an apparel brand that puts emphasis on the quality and performance of the gear they provided. 

Labeling themselves as an ‘American made brand’ Rugged Material have gone onto create a range of fantastic apparel, including bags, t-shirts, and hats, along with their infamous Ranger Minimalist wallet. This was cemented by their highly successful Kickstarter campaign, back in 2014, which raised over $84,000 in just 30 days.


Look & Design

The Ranger wallet is made from sturdy, lightweight steel coated with a power. For a wallet made for the outdoors the use of metal is fantastic as it provides all the desired traits for a wallet that can survive all conditions. The powder-coated finish is also unique and something I’ve not come across before. This gives the wallet a rough textures feel but also protects the underlying metal from potential scratches and scuffs giving an additional layer of protection. This powder coating is available in 3 distinct colors including black, tan, and grey for some nice added personalization to your wallet.

The wallet also includes an extra-wide 1.5″ heavy-duty woven elastic strap that fits around the center of the wallet and is meant for easily storing your banknotes. I’ve used and tried many of these elasticated straps in my time reviewing wallets like this one on the Ranger is by far one of the best I’ve come across. It’s strong and durable while still retaining a great deal of elasticity so it’s easy to use. 


Functionality & Utility 

For a minimalist wallet of this size (9.5mm x 85.7mm x 57.2mm) that Ranger wallet has a great array of functionality helped by the included and integrated multi-tool that provides an additional 12 features as standard. This tool is made to fit inside the wallet and is stored like any other debit/credit card(s) you may have. The features the card provides include, but not limited to, a Bottle Opener, 1/4 tool driver, 12mm fast access wrench, and SAE wrench. Some might ask what the actual point of some of these tools are as they don’t seem to have much utility to most people on a daily basis. That being said, if you are 

In terms of the Ranger wallets capacity, it has maximum card storage of approximately 8 cards. Cash storage is also very reasonable, as previously mentioned, stored within the elastic ash strap provided in every wallet. Overall, the Ranger is a pleasant wallet to use. Cards are easily accessible without having to fiddle around for the right one, and although cash does have to be folded up to store correctly the sturdy and flexible elastic band makes this a breeze. 

The Ranger wallet also comes with RFID Blocking security which means you can have peace of mind that you won’t be subject to contactless theft. It’s open to debate whether or not RFIF is actually necessary as this crime has yet to even be proven to be an issue. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have as standard within any wallet and if you do come from a country where contactless payments are common or have been subject to this crime before, it’s nice to have. 


Price Tag

Coming in at just $36.00 (including both the wallet and multi-tool) the Ranger Minimalist Wallet is a fantastic price not being too expensive while still being affordable to most. I really admire Rugged Material for its competitive price tag while providing a great wallet of quality and functionality. You don’t have to look far to find alternative metal wallets that are priced upwards of $100 so the Ranger wallet is a fantastic affordable and debatably better wallet at a better price. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed my time using the Ranger Minimalist wallet. I found the wallet to be incredibly easy and functional to use with a hardy and sturdy design that I have no doubt could last a lifetime. Although not necessary for the wallet, the Rangers Multi-tool is a fantastic little addition that they really didn’t need to include, which goes to show the quality of the Rugged Material brand. 

Along with its affordable price tag, the Ranger Minimalist wallet also comes with a lifetime guarantee that gives peace of mind that the wallet will last, and if it doesn’t, it can be easily replaced with a new one. For more information on the Ranger Minimalist Wallet check out the Rugged Material official website using the link below.


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