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Our Top Wristlet Picks 2023

Discover a unique way to carry your belongings with a Wristlet Wallet combing the size of a long wallet with the safety and security of a leather wrist strap for the ultimate fashion statement and carry experience.

The likes of Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade are all popular brands that sell some of the most popular Wristlet Wallets in the world. That being said, costs aside, we feel there are many better and more affordable options on the market to date when looking for quality, functional, and affordable Wristlet Wallets. 

Today we’re going to be looking at 5 different Wristlet Wallets which we feel deserve your attention. Each wallet here has been independently bought, tried, and tested to see which is best and provides great options for you when choosing your next wallet. Let’s jump straight into it. 



What is a Wristlet Wallet?

A wristlet wallet is a small wallet that can be worn around the wrist. The main feature here is the leather strap, or look, that allows you to securely hold the wallet around the wrist much as you’d do with a camera strap. It provides great security, and an easy way to access your wallet at a moment’s notice. The straps can also be removed so it can act as a normal wallet if you so wish. 

Many wristlet wallets come in creative designs and colors, which makes them fashionable accessories. In addition, wristlets are often less expensive than larger wallets. For these reasons, wristlets are a popular choice for people who want functional and stylish wallets. Today we’re going to look into a wide variety of wristlet wallets that offer both functionalities and forms for a perfect wallet for you. 


The Different Types of Wristlet Wallets

Wristlets, like most wallets, come in a wide variety of different materials. It’s important to choose the right material for you as this will not only influence price but also the quality, look and feel of the wallet. Below is a few different materials that will feature in this article for you to consider and their advantages/disadvantages. 

  • Leather: Leather has been used for making wallets for over a century and wristlets are no exception to this. Although leather comes in a variety of different qualities and types it’s incredibly attractive, durable, and provides a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. Just be careful to choose high-quality leather (there’s lots of fake stuff out there) for a Wristlet that could last a lifetime. 
  • Fabric: Fabric can come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. It’s a very easy material to work with and has a decent durability. The main reason Fabric is good is that it can come in a variety of different designs, colors, and patterns making it versatile for a distinctive look for your own unique style.
  • Cork: Cork is probably the most unique material on this list. It has a very distinctive and natural look and is very sustainable for those people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only is it durable, but also water resistant thanks to the fact cork is essentially the bark of a tree. 

How to turn a Wallet into a Wristlet?

It may be possible to turn an already existing wallet into a Wristlet. But there are some considerations to look into first before you take this leap. Some wallets come with an attachment loop as standard where you can purchase a strap and add it to your wallet yourself. If your current wallet doesn’t have a loop then your only option would be to create one yourself. 

This could be done by manipulating the leather and creating a place where a loop could be inserted. For example, we used a leathercraft tool called a punch which creates a perfectly circular hole in the leather. Using a thin cardholder-style wallet (we used the lost dutchman leather wallet) we placed the punch on the outside left corner and made a hole. From here, we inserted a loop we bought from Amazon and we’re done. It worked a treat!

We recommend you don’t do this personally. This would most likely void your wallet’s warranty meaning if it was to ever unintentionally break it wouldn’t qualify for returns. There’s also the chance that you could damage your Wallet in a way that breaks rendering it useless anyway. 

Is a Designer Wristlet Worth the Money?

One question we get asked quite regularly is whether or not it’s worth spending a significant amount of money on a designer wallet. Wristlets are quite popular with designer brands at the moment (including but not limited to LV, Chanel, and Gucci), and it can be tempting to go above and beyond to get the very best designer gear. 

That being said, when it comes to quality, designer brands aren’t actually that good. When you buy a designer product you’re simply buying it for brand recognition and not actually for the quality of the product. After all, as much as we don’t want to admit it designer brands are often mass-produced and long lost their heritage as independent handcrafted brands. That’s just what popularity does.


1. Buffalo Jackson Wristlet

What Buffalo Jackson offers compared to others on this list are some of the highest quality wallets, wristlets, and leather goods on the market. Every product is handcrafted to perfection by a small but talented array of leather artisans. Founded in Colorado Springs, USA, Buffalo Jackson has a distinct style that perfectly matches its founding within the midwest. With a traditional, vintage, and rustic style, Buffalo Jackson provides wallets with bounds of charm with goods that last the test of time. 

Today we’re going to be looking at Buffalo Jackon’s largest and most functional leather wallet – their Wristlet. This is probably the best quality Wristlet on this list being made from beautiful full-grain leather with a deep rich color. For those who don’t know, Full-Grain Leather is the best quality leather on the market with a thick hide, and increased durability for a long-lasting wallet. Inside the Wristlet, is lined with a beautiful fabric with a striped pattern. Accents are also given fantastic attention to detail with antique brass zippers, and handmade quality craftsmanship. 

In terms of functionality, the Buffalo Jackson Wristlet has a lot to offer. With 12 individual card slots, the wristlet can store up to a staggering 24 credit/debit cards comfortably with easy access due to their positioning and layout across the internals of the wristlet. Also included are two full-width card slots, located across the entire wallet and facing parallel to each other. Finally, a Zipper Pocket on the back of the wallet is a fantastic addition to the wallet and allows you to store your coins and any loose items at ease and securely within the wallet. 

Overall, we had a wonderful time using the Madison Leather Wallet from Buffalo Jackson. The combination of vintage style and premium leather makes this a great choice for men as well as women and the quality is by far one of the highest on this list. That being said, the price is quite high coming in at $124.95 but is the ultimate example of design, style, and ingenuity all packaged in a fantastic example of a Wristlet Wallet. For more information on this Wristlet check it out on the Buffalo Jackson website using the link below.


2. Andar Denner Wallet

The Denner Wallet from Andar is a fantastic example of how a wristlet wallet doesn’t need to be large or bulky. The wallet itself is actually a minimalist-sized cardholder and perfect for people who want to retain a smaller size, but also want the added benefits of the wristlet and strap. Andar was founded in 2015 and creates a huge variety of leather wallets and apparel. It’s famed for its use of a usual type of leather commonly known as Crazy Horse Leather. This unique type of leather has a napper finish similar to suede. It’s treated with a wide array of different waxes and oils that gives the leather an almost wet feel to the touch. 

The Denner Wallets’ slim size means it doesn’t have quite the array of features that others on this list have. That being said, it still allows for storage of up to 12 credit/debit cards split among the Wristlet’s three card slots, and a top-down slightly larger card slot when banknotes or other paper items can be folded and stored securely. 

Due to the smaller size of the Denner, the wallet is by far one of the most affordable on this list coming in at a price tag of $59.00. This is great value in our opinion, For more information on the Andar Denner Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below or get more information in our full review here


3. Oliver London Co. Lanyard Zipper Pouch

Oliver London Co. is one of my favorite wallet brands for the past few years. They’ve taken sustainability and ethical leather goods to the next level by developing an array of leather goods made from sustainable materials. This so-called ‘Apple Leather’ is a type of bio-material from the recycled waste of apples from the fruit juice industry in Italy. 

What impressed me the most about this Sustainable material is how good of quality it is, and how it’s almost indistinguishable from actual real leather not only in terms of its look and feel but also its durability. The texture, attention to detail, and overall craftsmanship of all goods from Oliver Co. are exemplary and well worth the money. 

One of my favorite products from Oliver London Co. is their Lanyard, Zipper Pouch. This Wristlet is very versatile in its design and comes in a smaller size at just 73 x 128 x 20 mm. Despite its smaller size it still has an amazing capacity and will accommodate everything from your cash, cards, keys, and coins. Its chunky ¾ zip is incredibly durable and premium in quality, one of the best on this list. Its Lanyard is also fantastic with great quality also being made from recycled paracord made from plastic bottles.

Overall, when it comes to innovation, design, and sustainability, it’s hard to say anything bad about Oliver Co. and its Wristlet Wallet. Its screams quality in every aspect from its quality sustainable leather, to its premium suede lining. Coming in at a price tag of just £65.00 (around $78.00) it’s great value for money and with a two-year warranty a safe bet all-round. For more information on the Lanyard Zipper Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


4. Corkor Wristlet Wallet

Corkor is a unique brand, to say the least. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of testing many different Corkor Wallets and they’ve never failed to impress us with their elegance and design. As the name suggests Corkor create all their goods out of sustainably sourced Cork. Cork is made from Tree Balk which is cultivated from trees native to Portugal. Each year cork is harvested, which doesn’t damage the trees, and made into a wide variety of goods including wallets, bags, and belts.

The Wristlet we’ll be discussing today is Corkor’s Long Wristlet. This long wallet has a larger size and is best for people looking for a large and varied amount of space. Its sleek zip-around look is minimalist and attractive and the unique patina of the cork really sets the wristlet apart from every other wristlet on this list. With 8 card slots, 1 zipper compartment a coin pocket, and storage for your smartphone, the Corkor Long wallet really does it all. 

Finally being available in 5 different cork finishes (brown, black, trunk, red, and zebra) really provides great additional customization options for a complete look. At a price tag of $94.50, the wallet is one of the more expensive wristlets on this list but perfect for those looking for a sustainable wristlet option and a unique carry experience. 


5. Sakroots Vista Wristlet

This fabric Wristlet Wallet from The Sak (formally Sakroots) is highly distinctive in design being handmade from Recycled Yarn or leather.  Due to its handmade nature, it’s available in a wide array of different personalization and customization options with a choice of over 20 options from unique colors, and fantastic patterns. At just 8.4in L x 0.5in W x 5.5in H it’s both lightweight and small in size, while its multi-functional zipper pocket allows for ample storage of everything from cash to cards to your phone. 

The wristlet offers a triple zipper system. With one zipped slot accessible from the outside a main one in the center and a more secret internal one inside the wristlet itself. This provides the great organization of your belongings while also offering an effective use of space within the smaller confines of this wallet. 

Out of all the wristlets on this list, the Sak Vita wristlet really is the most versatile not only in design with its huge array of options but also in storage and the different ways the wristlet can be used. Overall, this great little wristlet is fantastic for people who want ultimate customization options and can be yours for the low price of $79.00. For more information on the Vita Wristlet Wallet by Sakroots, visit their official website by using the link below. 


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