The Best Thin Wallets [Buyers Guide]

Thin wallets are one of the most popular wallets on the market today and provide a great array of benefits compared to the classic larger bi-folds. This article is going to go through, in detail, our top picks for the best thin wallets on the market today. All wallets on this list are very thin in terms of their width. Many came in at just a few millimeters than mean when stored in your pocket they’re effectively invisible not being felt. This is also an advantage when it comes to your posture. Many larger wallets can cause issues when you sit on them for prolonged periods of time causing back and neck pain. Thin wallets help prevent this issue.

Is a thin wallet right for me?

Thin wallets have a range of great advantages that make it a very attractive prospect to a lot of people. Firstly, it is their lightweight and minimalist nature. Having a wallet that can store less but at the same time save you carrying a bulky bi-fold is something that is wonderful for a lot of people, especially if you tend to carry very few credit/debit cards, and physical cash, in the first place. 

Finally, thin wallets provide you with a lightweight alternative to the bulk people are becoming adverse to in the 21st century. As we move away from physical cash and more towards contactless payments (on smartphones for example) the need to carry a large number of items is becoming an increasing reality.


Nano Slim Fold Wallet

The Slim Fold Wallet is one of the first wallets I came across that went above and beyond to create a stylish slim wallet that went against the traditional trends of leather wallets. Being made from a material known as ‘soft shell’ this elastic-like material is much thinner than traditional elastic yet retains most of the features of being durable, very thin, and has properties such as water resistance. 

In terms of its functionality, the wallet is styled in a classic bi-fold fashion and can hold up to 8 – 10 cards while retaining its form and staying incredibly thin. The wallet only weights 1ox and never really exceeds 5mm in thickness (even with cards) so it’s easy to see why this wallet made this list. For more information on the Slimfold Soft Shell wallet check out our full review using the link here, or check out their official website using the link below.


Spine Titanium Wallet

One of my all-time favorite wallets to this day. The Spine Titanium Wallet combines an ultra-thin design in an attractive metal wallet. The wallet is basically a thin piece of aero-grade aluminum exactly the same dimensions as a standard credit/debit card. 

To secure your cards in place the wallet uses a strong yet thin piece of elastic material that fits around the center. Cards and cash are secured by this elastic and held against the metal surface. Finally, the wallet also has a cut out in the metal that acts as a bottle opener. A unique feature for sure, but it surprisingly came in handy far more than I thought it would.

The Spine Wallet is actually one of my topmost recommended metal wallets also and you can check out our full review of the wallet here. Alternatively, check it out in our store. The Spine is incredibly affordable and best suited for people looking to downsize their wallets on carrying less with them on a daily basis. 


The Breadband Wallet

The Breadband wallet is as simple as it gets when it comes to a wallet. This thin piece of elastic material hugs and stacks your cash and cards in an easy to access, slim manner. The quality of the elastic is also worth mentioning. Having tried many elastic wallets in my time, the Breadband ranks in my top 3 elastic wallets as the strength, durability, and quality of the elastic far exceeds most wallets I’ve ever tried.

The Breadband is ultra-thin, comes in at an affordable price tag of only $25.00, and a great wallet for those who don’t carry a lot or want to slimline their everyday carry. The Breadband is also versatile in the fact it can easily be washed (unlike leather) and very durable against water and sweat making it a great choice for outdoor or physical activities. For more information on the Breadband check out our full review (here) or check out their official website using the link below.


The Dun Wallet

The Dun is a fantastic example of Kickstarter’s success and is still one of my favorite wallets to ever be funded on the platform. Not only is the design skinny in nature but also highly attractive in its design and use of materials. In a bi-fold style, the wallet is made of fine-grain calf leather that is incredibly durable yet soft to the touch. The Dun range is definitely one for those who like the style and is by far the most luxurious wallet on this list. 

It’s functionality isn’t lacking either. The wallet has an innovative sleeve mechanism where cash lies flush across the wallet, once open, with easy access to your banknotes when on the move. Both edges of the wallet have 2 card slots that can, on average, store 2-3 cards each for a max credit/debit card capacity of up to 6 cards. 

The wallet isn’t the cheapest on the market coming in at between $60 – $70 but the quality, innovative design, and slim nature is something that everyone can appreciate and I respect the Dun wallet for this. Check out our full review of the wallet here, or visit their website using the link below. 


Naoloop Basics Wallet

Another elastic wallet on this list is very similar to the Breadband. The big difference in the Naoloop range of wallets (they have 4 different types to choose from) is their capacity to store other larger items like pens, chewing gum, or even beauty items (lipsticks are used in the example). This is an innovative way to store items for sure and is great for people who like to keep certain things close to them at all times without having to delve into another bag or backpack.

The NaoLoop, like the Breadband, is on this list as the materials used and quality rivals even the top Leather wallets. The Elastic material is firm, yet flexible while provides a snug fit in a strong and long-lasting wallet. The price is also on point starting at $15.00 for the basic version and increasing to a max of $19.00 for the most expensive Ultra version. 

For more information on the NaoLoop check out the full article here where we breakdown the differences between even different wallets or check out Naoloop directly using the link below. 


The Wyn Wallet

One of the newest wallets on the market this year and probably the thinnest wallet on this list. The Wyn Wallet is entirely made from a thin piece of carbon fiber with grooves cut out to provide cards to slide in and securely fit. It’s honestly a really unique and interesting design providing almost a seamless way to store a huge amount of cards (up to 10+). Being made from Carbon Fiber provides a lightweight, stylishand downright skinny design along with the required flexibility and durability needed in such a wallet that bends.

Finally, the wallet comes in a small range of colors including back and silver. The Wyn Wallet is priced at a fair £30.00. I honestly think based on the materials used and innovative design the Wyn wallet is a fine addition to the wallet world. The wallet simply works, is light, thin yet has a unique ‘high class’ look to it thanks to the carbon fiber material used. For more information on the Wyn check them out directly using the link below.


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