The Breadband Slim Wallet Review

The Breadband is an ultra-minimalist wallet that aims to create a wallet with little no bulk, and created for people who want to slim down what they typically carry with them on a daily basis. It really is that simple and because of this, the review of the Breadband will most likely be short because it really doesn’t provide anything more than an efficient way to carry less on a daily basis.

Design & Functionality

The design of the Breadband is focused on minimum at its core. The wallet only comes in 3 colors each that change the color of the elasticated band that fits around the middle of the wallet. This can be bought in blue, black or multi-rainbow color.

The wallet is simple in design. It’s formed from two distinct parts: an elasticated band and a plastic credit card-sized back piece to act as a support. This back piece is just included for aesthetics and really isn’t necessary for the wallet to function as you could use any card you have at home to replace it. 

The wallet is essentially an elasticated band that fits around the body of the wallet and is used to expand to accommodate more cards along with creating banknote storage as notes can be folded and stored underneath it. The elastic is durable and some of the best quality I’ve come across in wallets which include elastic in their design.

The wallet can hold a max capacity of up to 15 cards. I personally wouldn’t recommend this though. The more cards you store the Breadband the larger the wallet is going to get as stacking credit/debit cards on top of each other is a sure-fire way to add additional girth to the wallet and begin to create a large bulk in the pocket. If you do decide to store 15 cards then this is what will happen and I found the wallet is best suited towards carrying less – say 3 – 7 cards. 

Price Tag

At a price of $25.00, you might be inclined to think this was a cheap or fair price. Sure, compared to other wallets this really isn’t expensive. But take a look at what the wallet really is. It’s a simple credit card with an elasticated band around it. In actuality, you could easily create your own breadband with materials you probably already own at home. Because of this I really don’t see the value in the Breadband as it doesn’t provide anything that you couldn’t already do yourself. $25.00 isn’t expensive but I personally don’t see the value. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I don’t see much appeal to the Breadband. It does a fine job as a minimalist wallet but I can’t really justify the price. You could create this wallet by simply getting an elastic band and tying it around your credit or debit cards. It’s just that simple. Although the price is affordable and it does have some charm to its look I think other better options are available on the market for people looking for an ultra-minimalist wallet. For more information on the Breadband check out their official website using the link below.


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