Are Volterman Wallet’s a Scam?

In recent years smart wallets have become one of the hottest topics and innovative take on the way we carry out belongings. Integrating smart technology into anything is a fantastic way to seamlessly add unique functions and features making your life easier when on the move. The smart wallet aims to do exactly this and Volterman was one of the first to really create a wallet that adds this technology in a non-intrusive and effective way.

Volterman first came onto the scene back in 2017 with a successful IndieGoGo campaign. Before this point, Smart wallets weren’t really a thing and many attempts to bring such a wallet to market had failed. Where Volterman really shone was with the way the technical aspects of the wallet in an attractive little package.

But was Volterman too good to be true? So far there’s little evidence to whether backers of this ambitious project have even received their wallets. In this article, we’re going to look into the history of Volterman and look at the evidence to see whether the Volterman range of wallets really is a scam.


Is Volterman a Scam?

After trying to get my hands on one of these wallets myself I suddenly realized this was a lot harder than I initially thought. This is when I realized that one of the top searches for Volterman included the words ‘Scam’ and I decided to dig a little deeper to whether or not any had actually received their wallet from the initial 2 million raised in their crowdfunding campaign almost 3 years ago.

I stumbled upon the Volterman Trust Pilot page and the reviews were quite frankly shocking. Out of 91 reviews, 96% rate the company at a 1 Star rating, and every one of these reviews is down to the fact people have yet to receive the wallet they’ve purchased some being the initial investors still waiting 3 years later. Many of these people have their own stories regarding the fact they find it impossible to even get in contact with the company. Volterman also stopped updating its own backer’s page so people are left in the dark regarding the status of their wallet. Below are just a few of these reviews taken from the Trust Pilot page:

‘Don’t waste your money. If you care about money keep it. They will rob you. I have not seen my wallet and I have waited over 2 years. They just steal your money and ignore your questions/concerns’.

‘I backed this via indiegogo in February of 2018. After numerous messages asking on the status of my order I kept getting replies that they could not give me an update on when my wallet would arrive. They stopped their updates to backers in December of 2019. I have no idea if or when I will receive my wallet. As others have stated, this appears to be a fraudulent business’.

‘The experience was excruciatingly regretful supporting a good idea that failed to deliver what was promised. Excuse after excuse delay after delay & products of such poor quality that I’ve never used at all as it failed to work as it advertised. These guys have made themselves rich but only for a short while, game is up’.


The Final Product

After doing some more searching I was able to find some people who said they did indeed receive their Volterman only to find the wallet isn’t exactly what Volterman advertised. One user on Reddit states the wallet is ‘far bigger’ than what was advertised with some horrid quality including terrible stitching and an app that fails to work. 

I also managed to find a video unboxing of someone who received their Volterman. It’s clear from the video itself the wallet is not what was advertised and the clear lack of quality control is evident. Although the video is silent the unboxer did have this to say regarding the wallet:

‘I’m sad to report that I received my wallet and it was defective. The GPS does not work, the battery dies in one day, the alarms fail and the bulky wallet can not take any credit cards. Its a cool concept but does not meet my expectations. In addition, I can not get a response to my four emails to customer service. I feel deflated and disappointed that I waited 13 months to finally receive a product that failed’.

Final Verdict

Honestly, Volterman is nothing more than a scam. It’s clear through clever marketing and fantastic photography that the brand is advertising something better than they can actually produce within the money they’ve raised. This is apparent through the few video reviews we have on the wallet and the clear fact the wallet isn’t the same as what was advertised in their original campaign. 

That combined with the fact the wallet is priced at over $200 on their website shows how little they care for anything other than trying to squeeze a quick buck out of anyone or everyone who shows interest in the wallet. The company only has one thing in mind, money, and are doing everything necessary to mislead consumers and delay the wallet as much as possible. Stay away from this wallet.


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