The Cuir Ally Voyager Wallet Review

Wallets come in all shapes and sizes but it’s been a long time since a wallet has tried to do some much all at once. The Cuir Ally attempts exactly this. I use the world attempts as during my initial trial period I still hold much reservation about this wallet. Less from a functionality perspective – it has that plenty – but more from a sizing point. While using it I was constantly asking myself who would use or want to use a wallet of this size? I mean I guess people exist who would, but I have to wonder the advantages of doing so in the first place.

Let’s get one thing straight. This is by far the largest wallet I’ve ever reviewed. Coming in at 13.9 cm 11 cm x 1.5 cm it really breaks the modern trend towards minimalism. Size aside the other intriguing thing about this wallet is its integration with technology making it among the very few wallets to be considered ‘smart’. Let’s begin looking into my time using the Cuir Ally Voyager wallet.

Look & Design

The wallet is big there’s no doubt about it. I’ve you’ve ever heard the term ‘man bag’ thrown about I like to think of this wallet. Something so outlandishly large that it’s comparable to having a wall clock stabled to your wrist. Nevertheless, I pursued in not quitting regarding its size and trying the wallet out in a day to day basis.

As you’d imagine the first difficulty came in finding an actual place to store the wallet. As someone who wears casual business attire on a day to day basis, I thought I might be at an advantage compared to most. I was wrong. I just didn’t have pockets to accommodate the large size. I just wouldn’t fit nicely and regardless of where I had the wallet – in my trouser pocket or my coat – it was large enough to be a constant distract as I could always feel it. Imagine wearing this wallet with casual clothes such as jeans. It would work even less and I urge all to consider this when considering this wallet.

It’s look in itself is nothing special. It looks and acts as a typical Bi-fold wallet. Once opened it has one mammoth slot for physical notes and range of features for cards. It comes in two colors – black and brown. I think this is to be expected as I’d imagine the only people looking to purchase this type of wallet are 50+ businessmen. Having it available in puke colored purple wouldn’t make much sense.

Functionality & Utility 

As you’d expect from a smart wallet of this kind it puts heavy emphasis on the features both in terms of its capacity for storage and its inbuilt technology bound ‘smart’ features. The Cuir Ally Voyager is made for individuals who probably travel around quite a bit and want an all-inclusive storage item for carrying everything important to them in their day to day lives. This can be seen by the inclusion of a large pocket for storing your passport (front left pocket) or a small notebook for taking notes. Again, I’m not entirely sure the purse of a notebook considering smartphones are a much more logical way of taking notes whether its in Google docs or in a voice recording. Nevertheless, I understand that some people would enjoy this as the proven success of the field notes notebook has proven this in recent years.

What other inclusions does the wallet have? Well along with multiple hidden card slots on the back it also includes a place to store a sim card and sim card removal tool. I can’t imagine an actual real-life situation where you’d need a second sim but if you’re having an affair I guess it would make sense (I do not condone wallet related infidelity).

Capacity & Practicality

The Voyager has a bunch of features you wouldn’t normally find on a wallet due to it’s increased size. The first one would be the inclusion of a notebook. As mentioned earlier this is more suited for the frequent traveler as it can act as a passport holder.  This slides nicely into the left-hand section of the wallet and also includes a very nice slim pen. Run out of battery on your phone? I found the pen acts best as a doodling device when you’re bored but please that’s just me. I assume if you have a certain job this could be very handy indeed.

In terms of its ability to store card, it’s got you covered. With 3 internal slots and 2 in the back, the wallet has a realistic capacity of around 6 – 10 cards. Obviously, 10 cards is a bit of a stretch as you’ll end up with multiple cards in one slot. In my opinion, the amount of available card slots is small in comparison to the large size of the wallet.

The Smart Features

The Voyager comes integrated with what’s known as Chipola Plus. A small device which lies embedded within the wallet. This device is what gives the Voyager its smart functionality. Once you’ve downloaded the app and paired your phone with the device the Chipolo gives you the functionality of tracking the whereabouts of your wallet in the case it gets lost.

I think we’ve all been in that situation where we’re pulling up cushions trying to find your phone. With a simple double-tap of your Chipolo, your phone should instantly start ringing. The same thing can be applied in reverse. If you’ve lost your wallet you can also track it down with your phone. The one annoying thing about the Chipolo is its size. It’s definitely noticeable in the wallet and in the pocket. Its large round shape is bulky and it takes a bit of getting used to when using it. Perhaps this is intentional as you will have to activate it by pressing it. This will activate a noise which symbolizes the smart features are ready to use.

The Chipolo set-up

The first step in using the Chipolo Plus’ features is to install the app on your email. iPhone or Android device. Download the app from either the Apple app store or Play store and follow the simple setup process. What’s great about the Chipolo is it literally only takes seconds to set up, and is really intuitive. I must say I really enjoyed using the Chipolo as an item and really find it worked well in its intended features without adding bulk to the wallet. I think more wallets should take this approach but it perhaps wouldn’t work with a minimalist wallet. I guess that’s for you – or me – to decide.  

Final Verdict

As you can probably tell I’m less than enamored with this wallet. It serves a very niche purpose in the wallet world and may be right for – as mentioned before – people who travel a lot or want a place to store more than just your typical wallet contents (cards & cash). Its smart features are a nice touch but that doesn’t take away that this is a large wallet and doesn’t fit well in most clothing. And with a large price tag, it really shouldn’t be taken lightly because it may not be the wallet for you. We rate this wallet 1.5 out of 5 stars. For more information on the Cuir Alley Voyager wallet click the link below.


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