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Customization is something we all enjoy either or not it’s a personalized birthday card or present. That being said, sometimes some of our most carried items are the most boring and the trusty debit card is something that very little gives thought to when it comes to design. In the past, certain banks have enabled you to choose a custom printed debit card but are usually subject to checks usually not allowing copyrighted or trademarked images – not ideal.

As cash continues to go out of fashion, our wallets are filling up with bank cards to facilitate our day-to-day purchases. Debit Card Covers have come in handy for adding an extra touch of personality to the contents of your wallet while creating some unique individuality to what is a boring old card (it’s also a great conversation starter)!

A 2019 survey revealed 80% of people prefer paying with a card rather than cash for most purchases. That means wallets are holding more cards and less cash – but sometimes it’s not always easy to locate the card you want to use.  Whether you’re hoping to upgrade your bank cards or need a thoughtful holiday gift, a debit card cover could be a fun way to spice up any dull or boring credit card. 

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What is a Debit Card Cover?

Debit card covers are adhesive skins applied to the surface of a debit card. They look unique and help you keep your cards organized and easy to identify.

Most card covers come in different sizes that won’t obstruct either large or small chips on the surface of the card. Half card covers only go over the top portion of a card, and full card covers adhere to the entire surface. 

Before you apply a new debit card cover, make sure the surface of the card is completely clean and dry. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any dust and dirt before slowly applying the cover. Press down as you go to prevent air bubbles. 

Let’s now go into detail about some of our favorite and best Debit Card Cover brands on the market today.

Cucu Covers

Toronto-based Cucu Covers creates temporary and replaceable card covers that are compatible with all types of cards and chip sizes. The website’s “Create Your Own” section walks shoppers through the process of selecting the appropriate cover size before moving on to design options. 

Pricing starts at $5.00 for pre-made designs and $7.00 for fully customized designs. Cucu Covers offers free shipping on all orders worldwide. Cucu Covers has more than 300 pre-made designs that feature anything from food-themed skins to anime characters. Their special collections – such as their NBA, Cowboy Bebop, and Hello Kitty collections – offer even more niche designs for shoppers to choose from. 

Shoppers can also upload their own images, add text, and even layer different images to create a one-of-a-kind debit card cover. The skins are made with a material that ensures the cards will work in payment machines, whether they’re inserted, swiped, or tapped. They’re also designed to be easy to remove and replace, though one cover can last about two years. 

Blitz Covers

Blitz Covers is a millennial-driven company that offers unique debit card covers featuring trendy patterns and themes. If you have a favorite Netflix show or Anime character, Blitz Covers likely has a debit card cover for you. Blitz is by far the longest-running website dedicated to Debit Card Covers having been in the game for nearly 20 years. This to me, showcases their dedication to their craft, their quality, and the reputation they’ve built.

Most debit card covers are $8.00 (not including P&P). Blitz Covers also allows you to create your own designs using images and patterns of your choice. Some of the most popular covers include the likes of popular anime and they’re continually updating their database of designs including an awesome card similar to the one seen on Squid Game.

Customers who reviewed their purchases on Trustpilot had mixed opinions. Most complaints concerned shipping delays, but most customers loved their designs and the company’s customer support. For more information on the array of debit card covers offered by Blitz check out their official website using the link below. 

Ten Stickers

If you’re not sure if a debit card cover is right for you, Ten Stickers could be a good place to start. They don’t only specialize in custom debit card skins but have an entire website dedicated to custom skins for various products including coasters, wall stickers, and placemats. This eclectic mix of products has really boosted their profile and they’ve become one of the highest quality and quickest options for custom covers on this list. 

Ten Stickers offers some of the most affordable card covers at $2.50 per sticker, but their selection and customization options are limited compared to other companies that specialize in card covers. There are still plenty of sizing options, so you’ll likely find a debit card cover to fit your needs.

You’ll still get decent quality and a card cover that won’t leave residue behind, but you may not find the exact custom design you’re looking for. Customers who reviewed their purchases on Trustpilot often noted shipping delays and product defects. For more information on Ten Stickers, and their array of products, visit their official website using the link below. 

Card Coats

Card Coats, based in Edinburgh, Scotland has 500 stylish card covers to choose from. Most of the pre-made covers are various patterns like gold glitter and black damask, though the site does have a “Design Your Own” section for shoppers to upload their custom images. They’re easy to apply, great quality, and don’t lose their stickiness over time like others I’ve reviewed in the past.

Card Coats often runs special discount offers on card skins, especially for customers who purchase multiple debit card covers from the site. Without a discount, card covers are $9.65 each. This isn’t the cheapest on this list, but I must say, in terms of speed of delivery and quality Card Coats are one of the better options on this list. 

WrapCart Covers

WrapCart has a selection of very affordable debit card covers that feature popular characters and trendy themes, but the site doesn’t appear to support custom design orders. They’re based in India, but ship internationally and provide the highest array of pre-made designs, but as previously mentioned, don’t allow for custom uploads/designs. 

That being said, this makes WrapCart the most affordable on this list coming in at only $2.00, per skin, before shipping, making it another good option for people on the fence about debit card skins. Customers who reviewed their purchases say they were happy with the quality of the products they received and enjoyed the low prices. For more information on WrapCart check out their official website by using the link below. 

Carbon Co. Skins

For debit cardholders who want to go a step up and enjoy the look and feel of a metal card rather than standard plastic, Carbon Co. Skins is able to create and ship custom metal debit cards. However, Metal Co. Skins are only available for people who do not have chip cards or contactless payment options. 

To get a metal card, you need to deactivate and mail your card to Carbon Co. Skins. Once they receive the card, they’ll ship your new metal card and your old card back to you in one to two business days. Prices start at $125.00, which is by far the most expensive, but an item that will last a lifetime and is most unique in design and material.

Carbon Co. Skins has a wide selection of pre-made designs featuring everything from astrological signs to movie characters. The site also allows you to upload your own image or logo, or you can reach out to their team for help with a design. The metallic finish and vibrant colors will add a touch of class to any wallet. For more information on Carbon Co. Skins check out their official website using the link below.  We also have a full review of the Carbon Co. Skin service here.

Debit Card Covers FAQ

All the most Frequently asked questions regarding Debit Card Covers.

Can I cover my debit card numbers?

The simple answer is yes, there’s no reason why you can’t cover up to numbers on the front or back of your debit card. That being said, there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages of doing so that you should consider:

  • When covering your debit card numbers make sure you note them down first. Once any sticker covers them, it’ll be hard to get it off again so if you ever need your number for purchasing something online or for online banking purposes you’ll need it handy. Make sure if you write down your numbers for use later you keep them safe and secured in a place that can’t be found be something with potential ill intent.
  • On the opposite side, keeping your numbers covered is also much safer and any potential criminals won’t easily be able to see or get hold of your card details. There have been instances where people accidentally photograph themselves with their cards details exposed in the background. Having a debit card skin would solve this issue.
How durable of debit card skins/covers?

Very durable, very sticky and you should only begin to have issues with edges starting to peel months, maybe years, down the line. This will change though depending on how often you use your card and how well you look after it. The image also may begin to ‘age’ or loose it cover over time.

is it legal to put stickers on your debit card?

No, it is not illegal to deface or add a custom skin to your debit or credit card. Once you own the card you can do as you please with it. That being said, the only instance some people face when using a debit card skin is having companies turn you down when trying to use them. Some companies could turn you away if your card looks too different or unusual to save face from potential fraudulent activities. This is especially true if your skin’s design is potentially odd, or has an NSFW design.

how easy is it to apply a debit card skin?

Most companies have made it incredibly simple to apply your new debit card skins. That being said it isn’t what I’d call easy. If you’ve ever owned a sticker book then you’re probably aware of how tricky it can be to line the sticker up perfectly with where it’s meant to go. This is very true of a debit card cover. If you don’t take your time with the process then the cover could end up being misaligned. Since these covers are incredibly sticky if suddenly becomes very difficult to remove and reapply it so take care when doing so.  

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