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Carbon Co Skins is a highly unique way to customize your credit or debit cards to look like no other. We’ve talked about Debit Card Covers in the past (custom stickers for your cards), but not about the various ways you can take this one step further. Carbon Co Skins are essentially a fully custom metal credit card that completely redesigns and gets rid of that typical plastic card and transforms it into a highly durable, attractive customizable card.

Whether or not you simply want added durability, or want something to show of to a crowd. Carbon Co Skins are by far the best and most personalized system to go about creating a one-of, highly unique credit or debit card. Now let’s look closely at the in’s and out’s of Carbon Co. and whether or this unique transformative service is right for you. 

Just to Section:

Design & Customization

Safety and Security (Keeping Your Card Safe)

Caveats of a Metal Card (Potential Issues)

Final Verdict (Should You Buy?)

Design & Customization

The Biggest advantage of using Carbon Co Skins compared to other similar companies is the wide variety of customization options available to you with the ability to pretty much personalize every aspect of the card to your liking. 

Color (or metal) options include a choice between Black, Mirror Gold, Mirror Silver, Bronze, black & gold, or a rainbow (spectrum) effect. With the choice of either a pre-designed card or a completely unique one, Carbon Co Skin has you covered with the sheer array of options available to make your card as unique as possible. 


The process of using Carbon Co. couldn’t be simpler. You can decide between uploading your own design, images, or logos (for business) or choosing one of their pre-made popular designs. Their live editor allows you to view how the front and back of your card will look in real-time allowing you to tweak and personalize your card to your heart’s content. From here, it’s a simple case of placing your order and sending them the credit/debit card you want to be converted. 


Safety & Security

One of the biggest qualms with any service like this is the safety and security of your credit/debit card. After all, for this to be done you will need to send your card to them allowing less than credit countries to get hold of your credit card and potentially misuse it. 

That’s a very valid issue, so to combat this we had to go about ordering the Carbon Co. Skins service ourselves following their strict safety protocol and making sure the debit card returned to use safely and without problems. Carbon Co. takes great care of the financial safety of their clients are has a checklist of recommendations of what to do when taking steps to send your card to them. This positive sentiment is also echoed in a variety of positive customers and other online reviews.


Caveats of a Metal Card

It pays to know a few of the caveats of a metal card such as the ones provided by Carbon Co. before you purchase. The first and most common question is whether having a metal card will inhibit its usability in any way. Carbon Co Skins answers this question on their ‘Frequently asked questions page. They say that metal cards can have issues when working with ATM Machines especially those which require you to fully insert the card. This is due to the machines not being designed for the heavier material of metal and the machine’s rollers may be too stiff to eject the card.

Another Caveat with a metal card comes with its ability to process or use contactless payments. This may or may not be an issue depending on how popular contactless payment systems are in your country. For example, within the United Kingdom, contactless payments are used frequently are highly popular. In this USA not so much, but it’s catching on. 

Finally, there are certain ‘chip’ types that can’t be converted into a metal card. These chips can easily be identified by their distinct appearance on your card. Make sure you check here before ordering to make sure your credit/debit card is comparable first. 


Final Verdict

Carbon Co Skins isn’t cheap with the price fluctuating depending on the materials you choose and the amount of customization you want.  Standard design and material will set you back $125.00 with the more expensive materials (mentioned above) costing an extra $15.00 (total: $140.00). 

Overall, I was exceptionally happy with the service Carbon Co. Skins provided. The quality of the materials used, the intricacy of the designs and the fantastic peace of mind (safety and security) the company offers are all top-notch. Its price is by no means affordable but for the speed, service, and quality what you get is fantastic and the best I’ve come across for people looking for a fully customized debit or credit card. For more information on Carbon Co. Skins visit their official website using the link below. 


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