Kore Essentials Slim Wallet Review

The Kore Essentials wallet is a nice little wallet that’s a combination of core functionality and minimalist design. At their very core (excuse the pun) the Kore brand of wallets is a great and affordable range of wallets.

In 2013 Kore set out to redefine what they thought men’s accessories should be like with emphasis on cool engineering, and wallets built to last. I really like what the kore brands stand for and they have a great range of items – other than wallets – which all stick to their core ideology. They also sent me a lovely belt which you can check out here. I don’t review belts on this website but the innovative design and mechanism are like nothing I’ve seen before. It really is worth checking out.

We are KORE. We engineer cool, innovative men’s gear that’s built to last. Gear that we are proud to put our name on and wear ourselves. This means never letting great, be good enough. In 2013 we set out to redefine men’s accessories beginning with men’s belt. Our philosophy was simple > blend innovation with superior materials to create unique, more exciting products that exceed expectations’.

Look & Design

The wallet is an attractive looking bi-fold made from full-grain leather. I was surprised the leather wasn’t thicker. I’ve tried many full-grain leather wallets in the past and they usually have leather which is a lot thicker than what the Kore essentials wallet provides. This isn’t necessarily a negative, thinner leaver provides a wallet which is softer to the touch and more malleable. I have no qualms the leather is the highest quality as from the initial unboxing the intense leather aroma was gorgeous and has persisted even after extensive use. 

The wallet is available in only a single color black. This is a bit disappointing as I’d see the wallet is some other colors like brown or even blue. Nevertheless, the black design creates a sleek look and would be great for those formal occasions. I’d definitely see this wallet in the hands of a businessman. 

The KORE measures a tight 4”x3”x3/8” when empty. Bills must be folded in half and it can hold up to 10 cards (though at 6 it starts getting bulky).

Any guy who’s grown out of velcro wallets will be proud to pull this out of his pocket. It’s held together by robust, single-layer stitching and features a silky interior lining that fully blocks RFID readers to prevent thieves from skimming your credit card and ID info. Other RFID-blocking wallets use a firmer, metallic material that can become uncomfortable if you’re a back-pocket wallet carrier. This silver lining is a step up from those designs, as it lets the wallet maintain the suppleness of the high-grade leather.

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet has a nice range of features. With a maximum capacity of up to 10 cards – plus dedicated slots for an ID card and cash – the wallet has a nice compromise of slim design and features. This wallet isn’t a true minimalist wallet but somewhere in between. It’s great for people who don’t want a wallet to small (because they have too many items) but want something smaller than a traditional bi-fold wallet. 

The wallet also has RFID blocking capabilities integrated into the grain of the leather. For those who don’t know RFID technology is there to help protect you from contactless fraud. This prevents your credit/debit cards from being swiped and money being stolen. With theft of this kind on the rise, I think it’s a nice addition for all modern-day wallets to include. 

I actually really like the general layout of the wallet. When you first open the bi-fold the left-hand side presents you with 3 dedicated card slots (able to fit 2 cards each). The closest slot to the middle of the wallet has a quick access pull tab which gives easy access to cards in a simple and convenient way. Keep in mind banknotes still need to be folded to fit flush into the wallet. 

I’m also a big fan of the ID window. Anytime I can just pop my wallet open and not remove the ID all the way is a win. For air travel or other occasions where it has to come out, the ID slid out easily, a nice change from other ID windows whose plastic tends to stick to the card. I kept two business cards behind the ID and they popped right out when needed as well.

Your folded bills tuck in nicely behind the ID window. The flap is sealed ⅓ of the way across the top which keeps the bills securely nestled in the wallet but makes for easy retrieval when the check arrives.

Final Verdict

The Kore Essentials Slim Wallet is a great medium-sized wallet that has a lot to offer at a reasonable price. The leather is top quality, and functionality ample for a wallet of this size. Coming in at a price tag of $39.95 the wallet is a great price especially for a wallet of this build quality. For more information on the Kore, Slim Wallet visit their official website by clicking the link below.


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