The Best Bellroy Wallet Alternatives

[Buyers Guide 2020]

If you’re looking for alternative brands like Bellroy then you’ve come to the right place. Bellroy is one of the largest wallet brands in the world and since 2010 has been producing some of the most innovative leather wallets on the market. Founded in Australia and with a brand ethos of quality and sustainability Bellroy has gone on to sell wallets across all corners of the world and develop a range of apparel from bags through to accessories. 

Today we’re going to be looking at some of the best alternatives to Bellroy, but brands that maintain many similarities to Bellroy in design, style, and ethos. Each brand has something that connects them to Bellroy whether it’s the fact they’re similar in price tag, have similar wallet designs, or all of the above. 


Understanding the Bellroy Brand

This article will look at some of the best ridge wallet knockoffs on the market today that are similar to the Ridge Wallet in design and functionality. We will focus specifically on price making sure these wallets are within a reasonable budget while also making sure each wallet mentioned is also of good enough quality to meet similar standards to the Ridge with an uncanny resemblance to it. We’ve split up each wallet in this list into 3 distinct categories that provide a range of Ridge like wallets for you to choose from. 

1. Bellroy’s Sustainability

Bellroy is a big advocate of responsible business and sustainability. This is actually one of the main reasons I decided to initially purchase a wallet from them. With the rising issues of global warming and the negative impact caused by the leather industry, Bellroy is doing its part to help solve these social and environmental issues. Bellroy is certified and part of the B-Corp movement and abide by a number of practices they implement in each of their products. This includes:

  • All Wallets are built to last to eliminate negative waste.
  • Create biodegradable packaging for all their products.
  • To reduce waste through their supply chain and manufacturing process.
  • Strive for effective Altruism for the benefits of humans & animals alike.

I’ve tried my best to include other wallet brands on this list that also take pride in their sustainability. Our top picks for Bellroy alternatives for sustainability include Loyal Stricklin.

2. Bellroy’s Wallet Range

Bellroy is known for its vast variety of different leather wallets. If you’re looking for a wallet made from unique materials such as metal, then Bellroy might not be the brand for you. But what Bellroy does offer is an eclectic mix of wallets that suit any type of person whether you’re looking for a slim wallet, traditional bi-fold, zip, or passport wallet. In terms of functionality, you Bellroy innovative to the ninth degree. If you can dream it up chances are Bellroy have something similar and it’s this amazing range of wallets that provide people with safety and security that Bellroy is the brand for them. 

The alternatives I’ve chosen to include in this article also only deal with leather wallets and also provide a great array of different types for anyone’s needs. Customization is also a property with wallets that provide a huge range of variations in style and color and unique features such as pull tabs and hidden slots. My top pick for Bellroy Alternatives for this category includes Harber London & Aurochs.

3. Bellroy’s Prices

Bellroy is typically known for having higher than normal prices for their products. Their cheapest wallet (The Bellroy Card Sleeve), comes in at $60.00, while the most expensive options range as high as $200.00+. I’ve tried to include brands on this list that also have a decent variance in price with many of them coming in much cheaper than Bellroy themselves. My top pick for affordability when in comparison with Bellroy include Status Anxiety & Loyal Stricklin. 


Status Anxiety

Funnily enough, the first alternative brand on our list also originates from Australia. Status Anxiety was founded in 2004 and has created a brand based on high quality, minimalist yet affordable leather goods. This is actually why they named the brand what they did. Status Anxiety is actually a made-up social condition meant to describe the way compare ourselves to those around us, and the idea that tangible possessions (like designer brands) play a part in this. To combat this, Status Anxiety tries to create the highest quality products possible while offering them at affordable prices.

Much like Bellroy, Status Anxiety also practices in providing sustainability to their wallet range. The manufacturers have chosen my Staus Anxiety are all family-run businesses that have fair working conditions and strict environmental controls for sourcing their leather. One of the main reasons why I included Status Anxiety in this list is they produce a great range of leather wallets made from high-quality materials. Each wallet has a very clean and minimalist appearance with a huge variety to choose from including slim cardholders and larger bi-fold style wallets. My favorite in their collection is their ‘Magic’ Wallet which is highly innovative in the way it allows for access to cash and cards.

Coming in at a price tag starting at $29.95 and ranging as high as $74.95, The Status Anxiety range of wallets are fairly priced and provide a great variety of choices for people on all budgets. Along with this Staus Anxiety also have a better warranty & returns policy than Bellroy providing a 12 months quality assurance warranty and a 60 days return window. For more information on Status Anxiety, and to browse their full range of wallets for yourself, click the link below.


Harber London

Time to travel to the other side of the world to England and the popular leather brand Harber London. As a family-run business Harber London has designed a fantastic range of handmade goods ensuring simplicity and a modern take on classic designs. Although originally born out of a kitchen in London each wallet from Harber London is handcrafted in Spain by skilled craftsman, and like Bellroy, put much emphasis on the sustainability of their leather using only environmentally certified materials. 

I’d say that Harber London provides a range of wallets the most similar to Bellroy in design providing a huge variety from slim, minimalist, zip, and travel wallets. They offer some really innovative features in their wallet including magnetic clasps that keep your wallet closed, hidden card slots that really make Harber London stand out from the crowd when it comes to prioritizing the functionality of their wallets. My favorite wallet in their range is the classic card wallet which you can read our full review of here.

Coming in at a price tag starting at $53.00 and ranging up to $107.00 the Harber London range is again provides a very similar price structure to Bellroy. Having tried both Harber London & Bellroy I find it very difficult to say as both their branding and style of wallets are similar in every way. While Harber London provides cheaper options, Bellroy has more variations in color and personalization options while also being the more sustainable brand of the two. The choice is close and it can only be yours. For more information on Harber London check out their range of wallets by clicking the link below.



I’ve tried to cover wallets from all over the world in this article. Aurochs covers the content of Asia originating from Pakistan and creating one of the best looking and attractive brands in my opinion.  They probably have the most expensive range of wallets on this list covering all bases from minimalist style wallets through to large passport-style wallets that can even store your smartphone (also includes a range of women’s wallets). Again, Aurochs have thought hard and deeply regarding the sustainability of their brand and make sure their rawhides, the leather used to create the wallets, are obtained sustainability from tanneries working to produce environmentally conscious leather. 

Starting at a price tag of $39.95 and ranging as high as $109.95 Aurochs have provided a well-versed range of wallets suited to all price points. My favorite in their collection is their take on the traditional bi-fold dubbed the Gravity Wallet. This wallet is not only available in a range of great colors but also has many unique features including an in-built coin pocket and SIM Tool storage slot. Make sure to check out our full review on the Gravity Wallet.

Overall, I think Aurochs are a great pick for a brand that has both style and an environmentally focused disposition. The leather quality probably isn’t the best on this list, but the wallets are unique, well thought out, and has all the storage features and capacity you’ll ever need. To discover the full range from Aurochs check out their official website by clicking the link below. 



Nodus Wallet’s are a brand I’ve been familiar with for years but one I know very little about. Although they don’t share any information about their brand I’ve always been fascinated with their range of wallets and the unique appearance and texture of their wallet’s leather. If you look closely at each wallet you can clearly see what can only be described as grainy with a unique patternation. Nodus also follow the Bellroy path, and although not as thorough, design and manufacture each of their products to the highest degree from ethically sourced leather from a famed tannery in Florence, Italy. 

The Nodus range of wallets is built with innovation and quality in mind. My personal favorite has always been the Nodus Compact Wallet that is incredibly well designed to accommodate huge amounts of cash, cards, keys, and coins all within a wallet that measures not that much larger than a typical credit/debit card. Other features very much present in Nodus’ range include RFID shielding, Micro Suction (in their phone cases), and even magnets in some cases. 

Nodus have are slightly more expensive pricing structure compared to other brands on this list. Starting at $61.00 and ranging as high as $108.00 Nodus have a premium price tag. I feel that Nodus is a fantastic brand to consider and find myself always coming back to when I get tired of any single wallet. They’re not the most transparent with their customers but I can’t fault their ever increasingly innovative and classy vintage look. For more information on Nodus visit their website by clicking the link below.


Loyal Stricklin

Loyal Stricklin wins my vote for the most attractive, durable, and highest quality range of wallets. Although the range is by no means as large or expensive, Loyal Stricklin provides a vintage look that no other brand on this list can rival. Each wallet is not only handcrafted but uses leather a fantastic full-grain leather sourced from Wickett and Craig (a reputable and respected tannery). Loyal Stricklin put more resources than any other brand on this list in tackling social issues and giving back to the community. They donate 20% of all profits to worthy causes across the world to combat issues close to their heart from modern-day slavery though to sex trafficking. They are the only brand, including Bellroy, that does anything close to this and for that, I wholeheartedly commend them in their effects.

As previously mentioned Loyal Stricklin doesn’t have a large range but what they do provide are some highly sort after and almost famous wallets in their collection. The wallet in question is no other than the Johnny Wallet. A unique stitchless wallet made from Wickett and Craig Harness Leather and a great capacity for cash and cards. What really draws people to this wallet is the way it develops beautiful patina overtime attaining a distinctly unique look, shine, and texture – something you have to really see with your own eyes.

The price tag of Loyal Stricklin’s wallet range is also pretty on point and affordable for most. Starting as low as $30.00 and ranging up to $200.00. Again, like other brands on this list, the variance in price means that no matter your budget there’s probably something for you. The range is small but as a whole, I choose Loyal Stricklin as an alternative to Bellroy any day of the week, What I love most is the style, affordability, and obviously amazing charity work they do. For more information on Loyal Stricklin and to discover their full range of apparel, check them out at their official website using the link below.


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