The Loyal Stricklin Johnny Wallet Review

The Good
  • The leather is fantastic quality. You can develop one of the best and richest patina’s I’ve ever come across. 
  • The wallet is stitchless that provides a clean and unique look. 
  • The price is very affordable, for the quality of the wallet, coming in at just $45.00.
The Bad
  • The functionality of the wallet is very simple. Just room for cash and cards.
  • Cards are stacked on top of each other. This is known as ‘card bulking’ and can make it quite difficult to access cards easily. 

What first attracted me to this wallet was a post on the /R/EDC Subreddit. The clear and distinct patina of the Johnny Wallet was like nothing I’d ever seen before and I was quickly searching for the name of the brand. That brand ended up being Loyal Stricklin and American based brand best known for its handcrafted leather goods made only from the best quality materials. Although not exclusive to wallets, Loyal and Stricklin also produce a wide range of leather goods including bags and cases. Let’s now take a look at what the Johnny Wallet by Loyal Stricklin has to offer you.

TL;DR: A simple but highly attractive wallet. The size is great, the leather is amazing quality and the functionality is ample for minimalists. It really is a great wallet. 


How Unique is the Wallet?

The Johnny wallet is really unique in its appearance and is a design I’ve not come across before when reviewing other wallets. The wallet can only be described as a ‘pouch’ style with a pocket for cards and an internal divider for additional items like cash. The Johnny Wallet is also stitchless which means it has a more minimalist and clean appearance to it not seen in many other wallets on the market today. Overall, the Johnny wallet is really a unique spectacle, and I really like the slim design and rustic appearance. 

What are the Wallets Features?

The wallet is very simple in its features and doesn’t stray far from providing you with great cash and card storage, being stored within the wallets 2 distinct pockets. The wallet can store up to a maximum of 12 cards comfortably with each card being stacked upon each other helping keep the size of the wallet to a minimum. The wallet can also store an ample amount of cash, which again, will have to be at-least folded in half one time to fit in securely (probably dependent on the currency you’re using). Finally, the wallet has a flap of leather (referred to as a tongue) that you tuck into the bottom of the wallet and prevent any cash or cards from falling out when not in use. 


What’s the Wallet Made From?

My favorite aspect of the Johnny wallet is the beautiful leather it’s made from. This 3.5 oz Wickett and Craig Harness Leather is amazing quality and some of the best I’ve come across in a wallet in a long time. This gives the wallet the added benefit of developing a distinct rich patina over time as you use the wallet more and more, and it was imagined of this that attracted me to try the wallet for myself. The Johnny is also available in a small, but attractive, range of colors including a natural creme, a dark tobacco brown, and an all-black variant. 

Is it a good price?

The Loyal Stricklin Johnny wallet comes in at an amazing price tag of only $45.00. Having tried and tested thousands of wallets over the years I can easily say this is value for money given the premium nature of the wallet and its fantastic high-quality leather. Other wallets, similar to this, can be priced anywhere between $60 to $120 so this price is nothing to be scoff at. 

What are the alternatives?

Being as distinct as this wallet is, I actually found it quite hard to come across many similar wallets to Johnny. The Johnny can be described as a simplistic wallet made from the highest quality materials so I’ve found a few similar wallets that meet this same description. You can see these alternative recommendations below. 

The Wingback Wallet

Form Function Form Stepside Wallet

Anson Calder Card Holder Wallet

The Lemur Fold Wallet

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt in my mind the Johnny Wallet by Loyal Stricklin is a fantastic, unique, and quality wallet. It might not be a ‘jack of all trades’, in terms of its features, but what it lacks there it more than makes up for with its resounding quality and charm. If you’re looking for a wallet that can last a lifetime, can develop a unique patina, and is a wonderful size then I highly recommend this wallet for yourself. For more information on the Johnny Wallet check out the Loyal Stricklin website using the link below. 


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