The Aurochs Gravity Wallet Review

The first thing I noticed about the Aurochs Wallet was its build quality and design. Even from the images on their website, you can clearly see they take a lot of pride in designing wallets with great function and put emphasis on the quality of their wallets. Whether this is down to the perfect stitching or the quality of the leather Aurochs are quickly building a name for themselves in creating premium quality leather goods with some great innovation thrown in.

Today we’re going to review the Aurochs Gravity wallet. A very traditionally styled bi-fold wallet brought into the 21st century. Let’s take a closer look at what the Gravity wallet has to offer.

‘Aurochs is the name of old and rich leather craftsmanship that still survives in the very heart of Lahore, an old city of Pakistan. Simplicity packed with style and value, we at Aurochs are making high quality, handcrafted, vegetable-tanned leather wallets for you. We at Aurochs are proud to connect this long-lasting art to the modern world’. – Aurochs 2020.

Look & Design

As previously mentioned the Aurochs Gravity wallet is in the style of a traditional bifold. From the outside, it really just looks like the type of wallet your dad or grandad may have a carrier with him. The wallet comes in at a size of 10.8 x 8.1cm. This isn’t that small compared to the many wallets on the wallet today as most brands are deliberately reducing the size of their wallets to accommodate the fact people are generally carrying less. 

The Aurochs gravity is made from a premium, high-quality full-grain leather. From the initial unboxing, I could immediately see the quality and detail of the wallet and was hit by a wave of that classic leather smell. Aurochs also offers a small but eclectic range of colors to choose from. You can stick with the traditional colors of black or brown or deviate to some more unique colors such as grey or even a stark green. I like that Aurochs provide this choice and it enables people to choose a color that best meets their individual style. 

Functionality & Utility 

Where the Gravity wallet really shines is in the range of functionality. As you’d imagine from a wallet on the slightly larger size this provides more room to provide many features not usually seen in a wallet today. One such feature is the inclusion of a tiny slot for storing a Micro Sim and a Sim removal tool. I personally so see the benefit of this feature. I’ve never found myself in a situation where I might need to carry an additional sim card with me. Nevertheless, I might be the minority in this. Depending on which country you can from it might be more common to need a feature like this.

In terms of the wallet’s standard functionality it excels. It has a max credit/debit card capacity of 6 – 8 cards with the option to store 20 bills folded within one of the inner slots. I found this way of storing physical banknotes quite confusing. Most wallets of this style include a larger long note slot which allows you to store notes flush with access at the top of the wallet. The fact Aurochs decided to remove this way of storing cash is clearly a deliberate one but the alternative doesn’t provide a more effective way of storing cash. Just something to keep in mind. 

One nice feature is the inclusion of a quick access pull tab in the inner slot. This allows you to easily access a few cards without having to fumble around. Simply pull the tab and the cards come sliding out in a cascading effect. This feature works very well and is a nice feature to have especially if you have many cards and want your most used cards in a place where you can seamlessly access then at ease. 

Aurochs also provide the option of RFID Security built within the wallet. Although this is an optional feature (costs an additional $5.00) It’s nice to have the option as the rate of crime from contactless credit/debit cards fluctuates depending on your country. The feature is also inexpensive as I’ve come across certain brands charging anywhere between $10 – $20 for this feature. 

The final feature worth talking about is the Gravity wallet’s ability to store coins. This little slot is located deep within one of the inner card slots. This slot has the capacity for a small number of coins – depending on the size. It does a satisfactory job of this put I did find it quite difficult to actually gain access to the coins as they are sat quite deep within the body of the wallet.

Price Tag

The standard price of the Aurochs Gravity wallet is $69.95 with it being slightly more expensive if you choose the RFID capable version. This is quite a steep price for anyone considering a new wallet so I’d recommend you make sure that you’d actually use some of these features before you commit. I’m definitely not saying the wallet isn’t worth the price but just to be cautious before forking out this kind of money. 

Final Verdict

The wallet is a jack of all trades. It does a great job of combining the look of a traditional men’s wallet with many features we know and love from modern-day wallets (quick access slots and RFID Functionality). The price is fair for those who want this type of wallet and the quality and branding is impeccable. The wallet also comes in a beautiful leather pouch – as part of its branding – which is probably made from more leather than the actual wallet. It can actually be used for keeping other items in which goes to show the emphasis Aurochs put on the quality of their brand. For more information on the Aurochs, Gravity wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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