The Haber London Card Wallet Review

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a brand that does everything it says on the tin. Harber London is a brand I’d describe as quintessentially British with an emphasis on exemplary design, high-quality materials yet affordable prices. On paper, I really couldn’t find anything to criticize the brand or the huge variety of premium leather goods they offered. Harber London is also a brand that is well respected with hundreds of positive reviews so you can be confident you’re buying a wallet with previous customers who have had great experiences with Harber in the past.

Harber London is a family fun brand with a real passion for handmade leather goods. Born back in 2012 in the kitchen of a small flat, Harber London became frustrated with the quality of laptop sleeves and decided to take matters into their own hands. From here, they’ve expanded their leathergoods range to anything from bags, watch straps and of course men’s wallets.

‘We want to create honest products that reflect our unique point of view, our style, make the little stuff better, and we don’t stop until we get it right. We have come a long way since then and will continue learning and striving to create products that are honest, functional, high quality and aesthetically down to earth’. – Harber London 2020

Look & Design

On the surface, the Harber London doesn’t look like anything more than your traditional leather bi-fold, one you’d expect your dad or grandad to carry with him. But the eye is in the detail with Haber London and the card wallet is much better than most wallets I’ve tested in recent times – even years! The first thing I have to mention is the overall quality of the materials. 

The Haber London card wallet is made from a premium quality full grain vegetable tanned leather that feels amazing and smooth in the hand. If there’s one thing I recommend people do when looking for new wallets it’s always paying attention to the type of leather the wallet is made from. For example, genuine leather is a very popular type of leather but also happens to be the worst quality on the market. Keep to the higher quality leathers (fine grain, or full) if you want a wallet that will last and won’t simply degrade over short periods of time. 

The Harber London card wallet is also available in a large range of beautiful colors from the traditional black and brown (tan) through to more unusual color variants including blue, green, and purple. I love when a brand goes above and beyond to provide a great range of variations in their wallets. Most just stick to black or brown so to see unique colors, such as purple, is refreshing in a crowded marketplace and nice to see.

Its size is also worth mentioning as although it takes the appearance of a typical bi-fold it actually comes in at a significantly smaller size than most on the market. The wallet comes in at a size of 9.7cm by 15.5cm (when open) which doesn’t quite put it in the category as ‘minimalist’ but does make it smaller than most wallets on the market today – especially other bi-folds. I like to call these types of wallets ‘hybrids’ because they fit somewhere in-between. The advantages of a hybrid wallet are you get the best of both worlds. A smaller, more compact wallet, yet one that has ample functionality in terms of card and note storage. 

Finally, I like to spend some time talking about the customization (or personalization) options for the Harber London range of wallets. With each wallet, you get the choice to add personalized text or even images that get laser engraved onto the inside of the wallet. Although I’ve come across personalization options before, this is the first I’m I’ve seen a company offer the inclusion of images. I’ve not managed to test out the quality of this feature yet but it’s a really innovative and unique aspect to the Harber London brand and coming in at an additional fee of £7.50 it’s a great feature to give some unique individuality to your wallet and would be perfect as a gift. 

Functionality & Utility 

Not only does the wallet excel in its attractive design but also in the range of functionality it offers. The wallet is designed in a bi-fold style with 4 dedicated slots for cards and 2 inner slots. Haber London says the wallet has a max capacity of up to 12 cards and this is somewhat true. Although the wallet can hold 12 cards I wouldn’t recommend it as this is really pushing the wallet in its capacity and at this range, cards are difficult to find and traverse easily. The wallet is best suited, in my opinion at a range of 7 – 8 cards

The Harber London Card wallet doesn’t come with a dedicated banknote slot as this was clearly scraped to help make the wallet smaller in size. Instead, physical cash is stored inside one of the inner slots folded. Speaking of inner slots this is where the ‘quick access’ pull tab is also located. This nifty mechanism is used to have easier access to cards stored as with a simple pull of the tab the cards cascade themselves out. It works really well in practice and is another great little feature, or attention to detail, that makes Harber London great and stand out from its competitors.  

RFID Functionality is also included as standard with every wallet. For those who don’t know, RFID is a security method used to help prevent criminals from stealing your money from contactless credit/debit cards. Criminals use what’s known as ‘card skimmers’ to activate this contactless feature and instantly charge your cards without you even realizing it. RFID blocks these signals, preventing criminals from doing this. A great modern feature used to compact a very modern crime. 

Finally, the Haber London Cash Wallet also has a Metal Clasp mechanism that helps keep your bi-fold securely shut. This is a really unique idea, with Haber London being the first wallet I’ve ever seen to do so, and is very akin to the Apple MacBook charging ports that automatically uses magnets to attach itself to the computer. Although the magnets are a little bit weak the feature works well and does a good job of keeping the wallet secure.

Price Tag

The Harber London Cash wallet comes in at an upper price tag of £79.00 (or $97.00). This isn’t cheap but I personally feel it’s worth every penny. The wallet simply exudes quality, amazing craftsmanship and does a great job of transforming the traditional bi-fold into a modern 21st-century wallet. I really couldn’t find much negative to say about the wallet and that sentiment is echoed in other reviews across the internet. 

Final Verdict 

I really enjoyed the Harber London Cash Wallet and think it’s one of the best bifold currently on the market. At only £79.00 I think it’s a more than fair price and has enough functionality to satisfy even the heaviest of carriers. The build quality is amazing and the craftsmanship is second to none. I recommended this wallet to people who want style, class but also a smaller wallet but still retaining the traditional look of a leather bi-fold. For more information on the Harber London Cash wallet, and the brand, check out their official website with the link below. 


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