Phil’s Wallets Review

The No-Frills Recycled Wallet Range

Phil’s Wallets is a small two-person business with a design ethos of minimalism and simplicity. While handmaking every wallet in the USA Phils Wallets makes each and every one of their small range from recycled leather giving new life to previously unwanted waste. This makes Phil’s Wallet a great pick for sustainability-conscious individuals who want to help the environment more. Today we’re going to be looking at the two different wallets offed by Phils including their slim wallet and more classic bi-fold. 

Each wallet is designed with a very simple and almost elementary look to it. Their almost patchwork style design of mismatched leather gives it a real charm that I’ve not really had with many other wallets before. I guess that’s why Phil’s themselves refer to their wallets as ‘no frills’ which I like about them. The Leather type used, apart from being recycled, is an interesting thick hide with a very suede look, feel, and texture. Phils Wallet themselves don’t disclose the type of leather they use or aren’t exactly sure themselves. Having handled the wallet for some time it does seem durable, but it is prone to dirt and wasn’t very water repellent (which is unusual for leather). 

Functionality is also on the simple side with Phil’s wallets. Their slim wallet offering has 2 card slots in total with another slightly larger one on top for banknotes (folded). The wallet overall works very satisfactorily and isn’t amazing but isn’t bad either. The Phils Bifold is also the same but larger in size and a larger capacity. With 4 card slots and a full-width slot for bills, this wallet can store around 14 credit/debit cards and a decent amount of cash with ease. 

Overall my experience using Phils Wallets was good. As a brand, they’re not trying to do anything crazy or, revolutionize the industry. All too often I come across poor wallet brands that spew generic marketing nonsense that is blatant lies. It’s nice to see a brand that isn’t fake. The prices of Phils Wallets are also great. At just $20.00 for their Slim wallet and $30.00 for the bi-fold, these prices are highly competitive and affordable. I like Phils Wallet’s and I think you should too. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 75% 75%
  • Price 84% 84%



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