The Attenuo v2 Wallet Review

A Redesign of the Metal Wallet

The Attenuo Wallet, like many others, is built on the idea of minimalism and removing the unnecessary from your wallet and ultimately your everyday carry. The Attenuo Wallet (versions 1 and 2) was developed by a single man, Richard, who after losing his classic bi-fold wallet in Bali, ended up using just an elastic band to carry his cards and never looked back. This inspired the design for the Attenuo Wallet that is a metal wallet an attractive minimalist design streamlined for the easiest access to your cash and cards. Let’s now take a look at what this interesting wallet has to offer. 

Made from lightweight aluminum and coming in at a smaller size of just 91.60 x 62.98 x 10.80 mm, the Attenuo Wallet does a fantastic job of combining attractive and durable materials with a size aimed at those who tend to carry less. The metal is finished with a smooth touch with a matt finish. This is great as it’s not prone to sticky fingerprints and does a great job of retaining its minimalist look overtime. One issue I have found is the wallet is more prone to scratches and scuffs, but in all honestly, no more than any other metal wallet. 

In terms of functionality and storage of cash and cards, the wallet is really simple. The wallet has two sides each with two card slots for a maximum capacity of up to 8 cards (four on each side) or 3 each depending on whether the cards are embossed or not. Cards are stacked together, but due to the segmentation, and two quick-access slots in the form of a cutout in the metal, credit/debit cards can be easily accessed with little to no trouble. The only downside to the wallet is it has no dedicated storage capabilities for any cash or banknotes. Cash can be stored within either of the two card slots but it’s less than ideal. Finally, As the wallet’s made from aluminum it naturally has RFID Security which helps protect yourself from contactless fraud. 

Overall, the Attenuo V2 Wallet is a fantastic minimalist take on a metal wallet. Its look and design are distinctive enough from other competitors and its functionality is high enough with easy accessibility to cash and cards. All this can be yours for the price tag of £50.00 or approximately $69.00. This price is pretty on point and is actually cheaper than probably other metal wallets you’ve come across. For more information on the Attenuo Wallet check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 71% 71%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 75% 75%



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