The Andar Apollo Wallet Review

The Andar Apollo wallet is one of my all-time favorite wallets. It not only excels with its compact design, premium quality materials but also in its range of functionality that can give any wallet a run for its money. It’s also worth mentioning The Apollo is probably the most popular in their range too and I’m not surprised. This wallet has gained a reputation for being a so-called ‘jack of all trades’ which means it’s a fantastic all-around wallet when considering how well it performs in all criteria including size, functionality, and price.

Andar first came onto the scene back in 2014 with their name deriving from the Spanish verb meaning ‘to carry’. This name defines their entire brand ethos with an emphasis on items made to be seamlessly carried with little effort and emphasis on design and style. Let’s take a further in-depth look at what the Andar Apollo wallet has to offer and whether you should consider it as your next everyday carry wallet. 

Look & Design

The Andar Apollo is an attractive looking wallet. In a traditional bi-fold style the wallet is much smaller than most measuring 4 1/8″ L x 2 7/8″ W x 3/8″ H. This isn’t small enough to be considered a ‘minimalist’ wallet, yet it does come in much smaller than most bi-folds on the market today. I like to call these types of wallets ‘hybrids’. Not too small, but not too big. This is my personal favorite size as it’s small enough to not be overly bulky but big enough to not compromise its overarching functionality. 

Along with its great size, the Andar Apollo is made from top quality materials. All wallets in the Andar range are made from a Full Grain Crazy Horse Vintage Leather. This is a type of premium leather (the best quality of all leathers) that’s been specially treated with creams and oils to create a uniquely smooth texture, but also improve the wallets durability with prolonged use in daily life.

Andar is always also flexible in the different variations in color you can choose from in their range. The Andar Apollo is no exception and comes in a great range of colors including brown, tan, black, grey and even a cork version. My personal favorite is the brown (Tan) version as it’s stark color goes perfectly with a vintage design which is very on point with my personal style. 

Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Andar Apollo is also very strong. The wallet has a great capacity for cash and cards, especially for its size. With 5 dedicated card slots (one of them is an ID card slot) the Apollo can hold between 1 – 10 cards at ease without adding any additional bulk to the wallet. Physical banknotes are stored in a unique way using a metal clasp, or money clip, located in the center of the bi-fold once the wallet is open. The bills lie flat and can easily be accessed without the need to unclip the money clip itself. Banknote storage can range anyway between 1 – 10 notes with ease before the wallet starts to become noticeably larger in size. 

Another nice feature of the Andar Apollo is the inclusion of two quick-access slots. The first, located on the reverse outside of the wallet is relatively simple with a cutout at the bottom of the wallet’s leather. This enables you to push the card out from the bottom, then easily live it out completely at the top. The second is actually a so-called ‘pull tab’. This little flap of leather can be pulled instantly cascading your card(s) out in any easy to access manner. The Apollo has one of the best pull tab mechanisms I’ve ever come across as it’s made from elastic which means it’s easy to grasp, and always returns to its original position once used (unlike many on the market). 

Finally, the Andar comes with RFID Protection as standard with every wallet in the range. Contactless card fraud is becoming an increasingly problematic issue for many where countries are slowly forgoing cash in favor of credit. For those who don’t know a form of theft is on the rise where criminals use so-called ‘skimming devices’ to activate your cards’ contactless technology and charge you money, usually up to the maximum of $30, without your permission. RFID protection is a security protocol where these devices are blocked and cannot be activated while your credit/debit cards are stored safely inside the wallet. Personally speaking, this is a modern problem on the rise and all wallets should have this as standard as part of their wallets offering. 

Another benefit of the discommon wallet is its integration of RFID blocking technology layered into the non-perforated side of the wallet. This is where you’ll want to store your most-used credit/debit card to prevent your money from being stolen through contactless technology.

Customer Reviews

The Andar Apollo is one of the top-rated wallets I’ve ever personally reviewed. They have over 700 verified reviews on their website with an average aggregate rating of 5/5 stars. I read through a handful of these reviews to get a better feel of what consumers like about the wallets and if there was anything I missed in the time I spent using the Apollo. 

Review 1: ‘I ordered The Apollo in Olive Grey, and it looks exactly as it is pictured on the website. I really like the unique color. The texture of the leather is very satisfying and I find myself picking it up and flipping it open and closed just to admire it’.

Review 2: ‘I purchased the Apollo in black for my husband this Valentine’s Day. It was the first gift I nailed! He was so happy with the streamlined nature of the wallet and impressed with the capacity for cards/cash while still staying low profile. I like that it doesn’t put a crease/mark in his pocket when he carries it. This was his first bi-fold wallet, and I doubt he will go back’.

Review 3: ‘Really love this wallet. It has great features and holds all my cards without getting bulky. The money clip is solid and had a good grip on the bills, so no worry about them falling out. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the ID holder part. There’s no plastic cover over the part where the ID goes and my license tends to slide out of place fairly often. Otherwise, it’s awesome’!

Price Tag

One of the best reasons to convert to the Andar Apollo is its very affordable price tag. Coming in at a price tag of £47.00 (around $55.00) the Apollo is a great price considering the high quality and premium nature of the wallet. I’ve seen wallets worth a lot more that provide a lot less so this is a relative bargain compared to other wallets on the market. 

Final Verdict 

Andar is always a brand I’ll recommend as they do a fantastic job of creating high-quality wallets at affordable prices. The Andar Apollo is my very top pick if you want wallets from their range and with a one year warranty and fantastic reviews I can’t recommend them enough. I recommend the wallet for people who are looking for an all-round wallet but also want to retain the aesthetics of the traditional bi-fold we all know and love. 

Due to my love of this brand, we recently became an authorized retailer of Andar and are very happy to officially sell them in our online store.  For more information on the Andar Apollo check them out in our store today with the link below. We also give a free wallet multi-tool worth over $25.00 with every order.


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