The Allett Leather Travel Wallet Review

I often go away on business trips and am always looking for an effective way to store my passport on the move. As a pretty valuable item I find it better, and for peace of mind, to keep all my important documents – my passport, cards, and foreign cash, in one place. The best example of a wallet that does this well is the Allett leather passport wallet and I think it’s a great affordable option to find a wallet that gives you the best of passport storage and a functional attractive wallet.

Allett is a brand that first came onto the scene all the way back in 1995. With groundbreaking designs helped to alleviate back pain it has since expanded its range of these core principles and countries to innovative in a way that combines ingenious design with a history rooted in local manufacturing. It’s these core beliefs that have enabled Allett to prosper for over 20 years now and it’s clear when using the Travel Wallet that fits the bill for Allett and the way they operate. 

Allett’s small manufacturing team is comprised of experts in sewing and leatherworking. These skilled craftspeople create our ultra-slim wallets with an unmatched level of quality. A design is never finalized until it has been tested with resounding success. Our goal is to build a wallet that is efficient to provide while providing the best experience for our loyal customers’.

Look & Design

On the surface, the Allett passport wallet doesn’t look that different from a typical bi-fold wallet. Made from premium napper leather which is great quality and looks the part with a premium look and feel. 

The inside of the leather travel wallet hosts a different material that is used to provide a nylon interior. Although this material doesn’t provide a premium look or feel like the napper leather exterior it does provide better protection to your belongings and is best used for people who are traveling in more of an outdoor style situation (say camping) as the material is waterproof and can take the elements with ease with potentially compromising the durability of the wallet.

Unfortunately, the wallet doesn’t come with any options for variations in its design or color. You can only get the Allett Travel wallet in black. Hopefully, they’ll add some other color options in the future as this variety is a big plus in my books. 

As you’d probably guess the wallet is quite large for the fact it has to accommodate the size of a traditional passport. Passports are usually 12.45cm x 8.8cm but make sure this wallet is big enough to fit your county’s passport size. For example, I come from the UK and these passports fit perfectly.

Although the wallet is large in height and width the Allett is very slim in profile coming in at just 142mm x 112mm. This is great as although you’d expect the wallet to feel bulky in the pocket it doesn’t and actually is relatively unnoticeable. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Allett passport wallet has a nice array of functionality for a wallet which is meant to be used for a wallet used for travel. Obviously the wallet has a large main slot used for storing your passport. This fits the traditional sized passport adopted by most countries at 12.45cm x 8.8cm. It’s also a really tight fit which keeps your passport secure with no worries it’ll slip out. =

The wallet has room for 10+ cards with one of the slots including a window for ID cards. As a bi-fold wallet all your cards are stored on the right-hand side with the left used for the passport storage. The large full-width cash slots are the largest I’ve come across in any wallet and you won’t have any issue storing notes of any denomination from across the world. 

It also includes RFID protection which means you won’t have any trouble with contactless fraud when potentially traveling to countries where the crime might be more prevalent. This is a nice feature and a must for any travel style wallet. Overall, the wallet works really well and has everything you need when traveling. I wouldn’t consider this as a replacement for a wallet while on the move, but one to use along with size a slimmer wallet to keep your passport and important documents with you at all times. 

Price tag

The Allett passport wallet is very affordable and a fantastic price for what you get coming in at $60.00 for the leather travel wallet. I’ve reviewed only a handful of passport wallets in the past and most exceed $80 so it’s nice to see a wallet well built, look the part and also have a sense of affordability to it. It’s one thing I love about the Allett brand in general. 

Final verdict

The Allett passport wallet does the job. It’s a great size for the fact it holds a passport and has many great features that also hold up in practice. The Allett brand also offers a 30 day free returns policy if you’re not satisfied along with a great warranty to provide the wallet from defects. I recommend this wallet to people who travel a lot but don’t want to pay through the ear for it like many other wallets. For more information on the Allett check them out with the link below. 


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