The Titan Wallet Review

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The Titan Wallet, designed and created by Lioe Designs, is a fantastic metal wallet with a minimalist size and creative unique design. Along with the Titan Wallet, Lioe Designs also offer a huge array of different products all based around practicality and a stark aesthetic choice with products designed with an industrial look and feel to them. It’s fair to say not everyone is going to be a fan of Lioe Designs and its unique and creative design philosophy. But for those who are, you’re in for a treat with their eclectic array of products including pens, scissors, and other everyday carry accessories. 

Today we’re going to give you our honest opinion on the Titan Wallet by Lioe Designs. We’ll look into the inspiration and unique design of the wallet, its functions and utility as a wallet, value for money, and whether it’s the right fit for your needs. If you’re interested in other popular metal wallets and how they compare check out our ‘Best Metal Wallets article or browse our huge variety of metal wallet reviews here. 

Look & Design

The design of the Titan Wallet is probably what is most likely to attract you to this wallet. As previously mentioned the wallet is made from metal, specifically from an aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. Aluminum is a great choice for any metal wallet as it provides both incredible durability, for a long-lasting wallet, but also decreased weight thanks to its lightness (coming in at just 3.2 oz). Finally, this Aluminum is coated and bead-blasted which creates a more matte look and feel along with being finished and available in only one color – Gunmetal Gray. 

Its design is something that also needs to be mentioned as the Titan Wallet is something of a unique oddity in the wallet world, one that definitely stands out from a crowd. Its unique pattern is actually based upon a futuristic space door and inspired by the nose of the B29 Super Fortress. This is something I enjoy regarding innovative brands taking inspiration from the things they love and applying them. The Titan Wallet isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan of industrial design, or simply sci-fi, this wallet might very much be for you. 


Functionality & Utility 

Functionality and capacity wise the Titan Wallet is aimed at those who carry less and are looking for a more minimalist wallet. The wallet comes in at a very small size of only 3.875″L x 2.6″W x 0.62″H and features a sliding mechanism. Two metal plates slide apart to reveal the opening where any credit/debit, or business cards, are securely stored. It’s incredibly smooth, easy to use providing easy access to your cards. Its small size makes it perfect for storage in any pocket, with a comfortable feel.

In total, The Titan Wallet can store only a small amount of credit/debit cards from 2-3 in total, with it being more effective as a business cardholder being able to store up to 9 of these effectively. The biggest issue I found with the Titan Wallet was its lack of dedicated capacity for physical cash like banknotes/bills. Theoretically, cash could be stored in the wallet’s single compartment but this isn’t ideal nor was it designed for this purpose. 

Finally, the Titan Wallet comes with RFID Blocking Security included. For those unaware, RFID is a security method used to prevent your wallet from becoming subject to a new type of crime known as Card Skimming. Card Skimming is most prevalent in countries that have a high uptake of contactless payment systems. Criminals can automatically active your contactless cards stealing your money without even needing to physically steal your wallet. It’s a very nice feature to have a provides great peace of mind. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was very impressed with my time using the Titan Wallet. I found it to be a highly attractive, incredibly durable minimalist size wallet. That being said, be wary that this wallet has a very low capacity for credit cards and is more aimed at the so-called ‘ultra minimalist’. These types of people carry even fewer items in their wallets and usually pay with alternative methods including contactless cards or mobile (like Android or Apple Pay). 

Coming in at a price tag of $75.00 the wallet is quite pricey. That being said, in terms of value for money, I can’t fault the design or the premium quality materials and sublime construction of the Titan Wallet. I highly recommend this wallet for those who think it’s the right fit for their current EDC and is looking for a wallet that will guarantee last a lifetime and need that added bit of durability that most wallets can’t offer. Currently, you can get 15% Off your first order – use code ‘welcome15’. For more information on the Titan Wallet, by  Lioe Designs visit their official website using the link below. 


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