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The Distil Union Wally Bifold Review

Have you ever thought of a wallet that can give you the familiar traditional wallet feeling while being minimalist? This is the feeling I get whenever I take out my Wally Bifold wallet. Seeing it for the first time, I felt that it was another usual boring leather wallet that will get all bulky in my pocket. 

However, a further look into it showed me that I had gotten myself an excellent wallet that will serve most of my wallet needs. While it isn’t perfect and has its flaws, it managed to present itself in a very balanced look and function compared to other minimalist wallets.  What got my attention so fast was the ribbon pull-tabs and shiny metal clip, I was curious about the function as this isn’t a feature present in most wallets. The traditional bifold form also caught my fancy, as I could retain that feeling of opening up my wallet when I needed to. Let’s take a closer look at why I rate this wallet highly.

With Wally Bifold, we’ve distilled the leather bifold wallet to its essentials – eliminating excess materials and creating a profile so slim it fits comfortably in your front pocket. Carry the same amount of cards and cash as a traditional bifold in a wallet half the size and without compromise’.

Look & Design

The Wally Bifold isn’t made from the most luxurious leather that I have seen on wallets. However, its full-grain leather is rich enough to catch your attention along with its well-crafted look. The leather doesn’t wear out quickly like a lot of other wallets, and that is one huge plus for me. It has ribbon pull-tabs that helps me easily access my cards without having to open my wallet; it also has a shiny metal clip on the inside which helps me hold in more cash than that of an average minimalist wallet. The Wally Bifold still also stays slim when fully stuffed. Although, I could have preferred the ribbon tabs made out of leather too, as it would have improved the look of the wallet better than it is now.

Functionality & Utility 

The Wally Bifold has two halves as the name implies, both halves hold up to twelve cards, and in between, they are a metal money clip that helps me hold up to thirty banknotes in place. A lot of times when I want to use the Wally Bifold, I do not have to open it –  I make use of cards most times, so I pull the ribbon tabs as it lets me access my cards without having to open my wallet up. However, while accessing cards and storing them is easy, the downside of it is that the cards can fall out from the open pockets when the wallet is upside down and shaking. 

Final Verdict

When looking for easy storage and retrieval, as well as comfort in a wallet – the Wally Bifold is for you. At $59.99, it comes with a good value and helps you carry more cash than the average minimalist wallet while retaining its slim shape to easily slide in your pocket.

For more information on the Wally Bifold wallet by Distil Union please click the link below.


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