The Benefits of Real Leather

Why You should choose quality leather products

Leather is a time-honored material used for clothing and accessories years before the fashion industry. As times have changed so has fashion, however real leather products are long-lasting and age beautifully with time. 

That said, we’re here to give you the top reasons why you should consider real full-grain leather for all your products. Leather isn’t just a pretty material but also offers a host of other benefits not many people are aware of. You may need to pay a little extra, but I promise it’s worth the investment. This article will note the top ten benefits of real leather products and why you should profit from their perks!


    1. Style

    Whether it is the natural color or dyed, the essence of leather bears an element of class to anybody wearing it. When it comes to wallets, Leather is a material you can take from your pocket with pride. At Bond & Knight, each Personalised Leather Wallet is meticulously designed using a single cut of folded Italian leather of the most exquisite quality. With no stitches or seams, our leather wallets are carefully crafted using a unique vintage style. This creates a characterful yet contemporary look, which manages to successfully set it apart from other wallets.


    2. Durability 

    The beauty of leather isn’t only that it’ll look impressive today but it’ll look just as good years down the line. Every hide that we use is handpicked and we source only the highest grade, naturally tanned leather, distinguishable by the beautiful natural grain. This combination of design and our uncompromising commitment to quality creates beautifully tactile and high-end leather products which will age beautifully. Leather is highly durable, even more so when it’s high quality. Purchase a product that will last you a lifetime, don’t settle for a flimsy product that will only last for a year!

    3. Flexibility

    Over time Leather becomes more flexible while maintaining its shape and strength. This creates the perfect leather wallet which will mold to the owner’s lifestyle, shape, and way of use.


    4. Timelessness

    Speaking of a lifetime we should comment on the timelessness of Leather as a material. Leather goods always have and always will be iconic material characterizing people of respectable style and values. Our leather card holders, for example, are a joy to hold and simply get better with age, developing a unique patina that is unique to its owner.

    5. Strength

    Leather may be everlasting in culture and style but it is also everlasting as a physical product. When dealing with genuine leather it can be water and fireproof. It will also be resistant to dry abrasion, put this material through anything and it’ll remain as strong as it looks. This quality is what makes our leather journals so desirable. Whether you are on your travels or writing in the garden you can be assured that your journal will stay protected from the natural elements.


    6. Aroma

    Leather smells great, from the new car smell of leather interior to a brand new wallet. The scent of the superior material will take you back to memories of youth and joyous times.

    7. Cost friendly

    It is true that the price of synthetic products is cheaper than leather, but you truly are paying the price for what you receive. Cheap products that won’t last. Leather is sold for a fair price with all these positive features backing it up. By spending your money wisely, leather produce is worth the price tag.

    8. Eco-Friendly

    Leather is a natural product. A natural product means that no chemicals have been used in the process of manufacturing the material. Furthermore, this means that no pollution was injected into the sky, rivers, and environment, during the process.


    9. Naturalness 

    As a proud Independent leather designer, we don’t endorse any type of synthetic leather, this is because it’s not a natural material. Genuine leather products are made with natural fabrics, we can, therefore, handle the material without reactions forming. Synthetic products can often affect your skin as well as harm the environment when being manufactured.

    10. Leather Breaths

    Compared to other fabrics that can be difficult to clean leather is easy! All it takes is a quick wash down with a damp cloth your leather product can look as good as new. This is because leather breaths – not as literal as you think. Leather has the tendency to let air pass ensuring that the product doesn’t turn moist.

    In conclusion, the benefits of real genuine leather products are undeniable as well as being one of the culture’s favorite fabrics, it is strong, durable, inexpensive, and more importantly natural. Comparing this to synthetic materials that damage the environment and are cheaply made, leather is the superior material. Be smart with your money and buy products that will last and make you stand out in the crowd.


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