The TGT (Tight) Slim Wallet Review

Jack Sutter and his team called the name of this wallet, TGT. TGT is pronounced as tight, and the motto for TGT is Keep it simple, Keep it tight. This motto best describes everything about this wallet, from design to usage. The TGT is a minimalist wallet that comes in good leather and canvas instead of aluminium and carbon fibre.

I had always wanted simplicity in a wallet, and the TGT wallet offers this in so many ways. This wallet is rivalling money clips in size, and its slim profile makes it easy to carry in the front pocket. The way it seamlessly blends in with other gears in your pocket makes it easy to carry around. The TGT Wallet is simple and tight with such a good level of compactness. The design is attractive and stylish, and it comes in different colours. Perhaps, the most impressive thing is the material it comes in, it is high-quality premium Italian lambskin leather. The TGT remains the most successful Kickstarter-funded wallet to date, and it gave rise to a host of minimalist wallets that fought to ride on the waves created by this groundbreaking wallet. 

The TGT wallet was the first minimalist wallet I ever bought. You could say it was the reason why this website even exists as it kickstarted my love for wallets. With that said, I still need to stay impartial. Let’s take a look at the features and functionality that come with the TGT.

‘The concept of the TGT (pronounced “tight”) wallet is to keep it simple, and keep it tight.  TGT wallets are designed by Jack Sutter to reduce bulk, and create an alternative to traditional wallets. The wallet offers comfort, lightness and pocket space; and affords the ability to leave unnecessary bags at home’.

Look & Design

TGT’s best-selling Americana 2.0 Wallet gives you the look of a small and well-knitted piece of canvas with a leather pocket in front at first glance. You have a feeling it cannot contain much. However, the design is a clever minimalist design that can hold considerable cash and a few cards. The TGT tried to cut down every inch of unnecessary space and they succeeded with that, they made use of every inch effectively. It tries to reach a good balance of premium and casual in the look. 

The good balance of colour, along with quality material, helps it successfully strike this balance. The wallet is small and can sit in your pocket seamlessly. The Italian lambskin leather pocket, where you can keep cash, is a smooth buttery blend and attractive to the eyes and hands.

Functionality & Utility 

The first point is the elastic canvas that can expand to hold as many cards but at the same time, shrink to hold a small number compactly. The texture of the elastic canvas is great as it allows enough grip for your fingers but keeps the smoothness for cards to slide out only when you get them. The wallet doesn’t have a bottom, which allows the cards to be easily pushed out with the thumb or pulled up from the top. 

The lambskin leather compartment is where you stock cash, although you need to fold the cash into three folds to fit them in. It doesn’t help when you need to carry too much cash, as it is as minimalist as they come.

Final Verdict

The TGT stayed true to its words of keeping it tight and simple. While usual minimalist wallets come in aluminium, the TGT gives the usual bifold feeling of leather while maintaining its minimalist ideology. It has its shortcomings, especially not being able to hold a load of cash. However, on balance, it is one of the best minimalist wallets you will find out there.

Coming in at a price tag of between $38 – $58 the TGT Wallet could seem a bit expensive for such a small item. Nevertheless, the wallet is elegant, great quality and perfect for people looking to slim down their wallet. For more information on the TGT wallet visit their official wallet by clicking the link below.


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