The TapTok Business Card Review

[Buyers Guide 2021]

As one of the leading companies in the NFC Business Card space TapTok has developed a beautiful and innovative way to exchange information with only a single business card and a smartphone. TapTok provides a variety of options to choose from when considering going with a digital business card and is a great budget option undercutting many of the other NFC competitors on the market today. 

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it’s a technology that although you might be familiar with you’ve probably used at some point in your life. From around 2015 all modern smartphones include NFC Technology as standard giving rise to what is commonly referred to as NFC Business Cards which utilize this technology efficiently for efficient and instantaneous data transfer. Think of NFC like Bluetooth without all the hassle of having to turn it on or off, along with the slower process of syncing devices. If you want information on the wide array of NFC Business Cards on the market you can check out our guide on the Best NFC Cards in 2021. 

What is an NFC Business Card?

Like I mentioned previously TapTok is trying to change the landscape and deter people away from the traditional paper business card. If you’re like me and tend to do a lot of networking, then you’ve probably come across many of the negatives revolving around traditional business cards. Anything from costs, the annoyance of carrying them through to then getting lost or simply thrown out by prospective clients. The modern digital world has no place for paper business cards and its TapTok’s mission to help people grow their businesses through NFC and customizable contact-sharing solutions. 

NFC is a technology that is here to say. That means that anyone who’s scared that the technology might become outdated, preventing their NFC Card from working, won’t have to worry. Like Bluetooth, it’s unlikely that something will come along to dethrone the technology, and if it does, the chances are it’ll be included alongside NFC as standard as the technology is already utilized in a wide variety of different products, devices, and services across the world. 


Different TapTok Products

Utilizing NFC TapTok have developed a wide range of products utilizing the technology for the sole purpose of transferring your information between devices in a way that absolutely beats the traditional paper business card. In total, you have a choice between two different products TapTok offer both with varying advantages and disadvantages.

The first, is TapToks Business Cards. These resemble the likes of any traditional business card and are perfect for people who want to retain professionalism and a high-quality look and feel. These cards come in a range of different styles and materials to choose from including plastic cards (similar to credit/debit cards), and metal for a more premium feel and increased durability. TapTok also allows for a range of customization options allowing for business cards to be fully personalized with your own brand’s logo or any personal details on the front.  

TapTok’s other product, the TapTok Dot, provides the exact same functionality as their business cards but provides different sizes and ways to store the device. The Dot is a tiny and much more affordable device (coming in at $14.99) in a circular button-shaped taking a similar resemblance to the Pop Socket. It’s made to stick/attach to the back of your smartphone and can also be customized to your liking with a logo of your choice. 


How does the TapTok Card Work?

Very attractive platform, easy to set up and manage and update the information when needed. I found the setup process to be very intuitive and easy to navigate. All you need is your smartphone/computer and your TapTok device and you’re ready to go. No app is needed for TapTok to work and all is done within the TapTok Login system on their official website. Some TapTok alternatives do use apps to work the system, but I personally enjoy the freedom of doing everything on a website-based system – obviously, this is down to personal choice. 

Here you can view and edit your information (including name, address, contact details and social profiles) along with an innovative and attractive way to track your analytics. This includes a easily readable platform for viewing how your information is being viewed in real-time. The TapTok Card can be setup in as little as 3 steps and I found it took approximately 5 – 10 minutes (depending on how tech literate you are) to get it fully working and ready to go. 


Device Compatibility 

The chances are that your smartphone should include NFC as it’s been an industry standard for almost 5 years now that smartphones include this technology. Although you can find all the information you need about device compatibility on the TapTok official website below is a quick summary of devices that currently run and work with NFC.

  • All iPhones starting from the iPhone8 (with IOS 14).
  • All Samsung Galaxy models from 2015 onwards.
  • Samsung Note Models from the 8 onwards.
  • All Google Pixel/Nexus Devices starting from the Nexus 6.

For devices that don’t have NFC Technology (if a potential client’s smartphone is too old), then TapTok provides a unique QR Code on the reverse side of the business card. This allows you to get your information across to any outdated devices by providing a unique QR Code that also stores your information. 


Final Verdict

Prices start at $24.99 (for a single card) and range higher depending on the material (a metal card comes in at $69.99) and whether you want customization options ($49.99) or not (like branding on the front/back). You can also bulk purchase the TapTok if you’re a larger business, and want multiple employees to have cards, for large savings. 4 personalized business cards can be purchased for a saving of $24.00, and for larger orders, you’ll need to contact TapTak directly for custom orders and pricing. 

Overall, I was very pleased with my TapTok Business Card and didn’t have any issues when using it on a day to day basis. The NFC Technology never failed to work and the TapTok setup and platform were easy to use, attractive and fast. With hundreds of 4 to 5-star reviews, no subscription or monthly fee, and a money-back guarantee TapTok is a friendly trustworthy NFC provider and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to ditch the paper cards and embrace a full detail lifestyle. For more information on the TapTok Business Card, and there range of products, visit their official website using the link below. 


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