The Snapback Slim Wallet Review

If you’re looking for a wallet with charm, a minimalist profile yet beyond affordable in price tag then you can do a lot worse than the Snapback Slim Wallet. The wallet itself isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Far too often wallets try and do it all and often fall short of the fact people don’t want integrated smart technology or a fancy pansy way of magically teleporting your cards into your hand. Not everybody wants that. It’s a breath of fresh air in this competitive landscape to see a wallet just be a wallet and do what it sets out to do well.

Snapback is a brand who first rose to success as part of Kickstarter back in 2017 and have continued to increase their range with 3 other crowdfunding campaigns each to their own success. In this review, I’m going to be talking about the snapback range in general but with most emphasis on the elasticated version as this is the one I’ve used the most.

Look & Design

As previously mentioned the Snapback slim is a minimalist wallet with the sole purpose to provide you with an easy way to carry less and really streamline your everyday carry. The design is simple and is simply a card pouch or pocket handcrafted to the highest quality. The great thing about the wallet is its size. The Snapback is what I’d consider an ultra-minimalist wallet is by far one of the smallest I’ve ever reviewed.

One weird but unique thing about this wallet is the fact it’s actually smaller than the size of a credit or debit card. Usually, minimalist wallets like this, have at least a minimum size of a card to fully encapsulate the cards you plan to carry. Snapback has done things a bit differently. When cards are placed inside the wallet (the snapback has a maximum capacity of 10 cards) the top of the cards actually poke outside of the material of the wallet. This is actually quite a nice way to do things as it provides ample access easier to what you’d find in other wallets of a similar design. 

The Snapback is made from a lightweight yet durable elastic that retains its shape after every daily use and is easy to clean. Along with this, the leather version of the snapback is there for those people who want to retain the unique design but add a bit of quality to the wallet that leather is renowned for. 

The elastic version of the Snapback only comes in one color – black. But if you’re looking to get your hands on the leather version (made from premium Italian leather) then you can also get a brown or tanned version. Both look stunning and it’s clear on the initial unboxing – from the amazing leather smell – that only the highest quality materials have been used. 

Functionality & Utility 

The name of this wallet is taken from the fact that the wallet is designed to have what’s been coined a ‘boomerang’ effect when the cards are inside the wallet. It’s hard to explain how this works (see image below) but it’s a nice feature to allow your cards to seamlessly cascade out and provide easy access whenever you like. 

RFID functionality is a must in wallet these days and Snapback have integrated this in their wallets as standard. For those who don’t know, RFID is a security measure designed to provide your credit/debit cards from getting skimmed when out and about and provides peace of mind against contactless fraud.

I always like to mention when reviewing minimalist wallets that if you’re looking for something with added functionality and a larger capacity then a wallet – such as the Snapback – won’t be for you. Too often I find people purchasing minimalist wallets yet failing to realize then won’t accommodate everything they carry with them on a daily basis. 

Final Verdict

The Snapback is a fine example of a minimalist wallet that is simple, effective yet excels from a clever design. The best thing of all is the price tag. The elastic version will only set you back $10.00 while if you want to upgrade to the leather version $30.00. In my opinion, this is a fantastic and fair price for both wallets and it’s refreshing to see a wallet like this come in at a reasonable price tag. 

I recommend this wallet for people who are considering changing to a slimmer sized wallet but are not entirely sure if it’s for them at the moment. For more information on the Snapback slim wallet – and other wallets in their range – click the link below. 


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