Slimjack Jackster Wallet Review

A Wallet with a Few tricks up its Sleeve

The Slimjack Jackster Wallet is another example of a pop-up wallet. It differs in its compact design trying to keep the entire mechanism entirely slimline using less material for a better overall carry experience. That being said, Slimjack has also tried to cram as many features in the wallet as possible which is quite a design feat considering the small size of the wallet. 

This includes a dedicated coin slot on the back that uses a zipper to securely carry a small number of coins. Coin storage is generally overlooked and looking at many top pop-up wallets is a feature missing in many popular examples. Another key difference is the location of the lever that activates the pop-up mechanism. Inside of protruding from the bottom or side, like most, Slimjack has there’s directly on the front of the wallet. 

The quality of the Slimjack is what I’d call satisfactory at best. The leather isn’t the highest quality with it being made from what I could assume was a suede style leather. But generally, the craftsmanship[ seems good. The internal mechanism seems handy and unlikely to break, while the zip, button, and elastic (for securing cash) all seem solid. 

Overall, Slimjack is a fine wallet. It retails at a price tag of €79.90 but seems to be continuously on offer at  €39,95. The wallet isn’t worth the higher price, but at the lower end, I think it’s a fine wallet for what it is. Also, the websites in German so good luck traversing it! For more information on the Slimjack Jackster Wallet check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 78% 78%
  • Design 68% 68%
  • Price 65% 65%



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