The Piaogeus Wallet Review

The Endless Spree of Copycat Wallets

The Piaogeus Wallet is a style of wallet that I commonly refer to as a Knock-Off or Copycat wallet. These wallets are bought in large qualities from Chinese wholesale sites (like Alibaba) and sold at extreme mark-ups. Not only this but due to the incredibly low prices that these cheap wallets can be bought for (sometimes as low as a few dollars) the quality and durability of these wallets are compromised and poor to stay the least. You can read more about these Copycat wallets here

We must also mention that more often than not the brand that sells these wallets are not even purchasing the wallets themselves. Dropshipping is a term used to describe companies that allow you to list products for sale while the manufacturer ships any sales directly from their own warehouse. So while you might think you’re purchasing a wallet or product from the USA or your country of origin you’re actually 

From the quality of the images through to the blatant import of stock imagery from the wholesale through to the generic design and product descriptions, Piaogeus are not evening trying to hide the fact these wallets are genetic, poor quality knock-off wallets. I’ve tried and tested many of these styles of pop-up wallets and they are poor quality, to say the least. The price tag of only $24.99 might be enticing but please be aware that wallets such as the Piaogeus won’t last long before it eventually breaks or becomes unusable. I do not recommend this wallet.


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