The Shype Wallet Review

The Shype Wallet is a Scam Avoid

The Shype Wallet is a hard case style wallet that on paper boasts some impressive stats. The Shype wallet was first developed in 2018 by a company of the same name. Situated in LA, Shype says they’ve managed to over 30,000 units while providing a solution to many issues old wallets had presented through the last decade. My first impression of the Shype Wallet was its modern-day style and attractive minimalist form factor.

Today we’re going to look into detail regarding the Shype Wallet. We purchased this wallet back in April 2020 and used it for a period of 2 weeks before we felt we had enough of an opinion on it. 

Update: A Facebook group by the name of ‘Shype Wallet Scam’ has compiled a bunch of evidence suggesting the Shype Wallet is a scam. It seems they partake in shady business practices. The group (which can be found here) says: ‘SHYPE CO has changed their Facebook profile to Shype Club in order to mislead future customers and distance themselves from the reputation of scamming they have raised. Don’t buy from them. Tell em I sent ya’! Until further information can be gathered I highly recommend NOT purchasing the Shype Wallet (but the review recommended that anyways).


Look & Design

The Shype Wallet is a Hard Case Style minimalist wallet with a smaller size of 2.5 in (W) x 4 in (H) x 1 in (T). It’s smaller size is perfect for people who tend to carry less on a daily basis and want a wallet to match. Internally, the wallet has a hollowed-out cavity where your items, typically cash and cards, are stored. Not only this but due to its enclosed design and larger inside space storing other items such as keys, coins, or other small items. 

On the back is an elastic strap that allows for banknotes to be folded underneath or other paper items like receipts. The elastic is fairly flexible but a little thin. I felt with a little force I could more than easily snap it, or at least put it through its paces, which puts into doubt the potential durability and lifespan of the wallet. Your cash and cards are accessed through a pivoting front plate. Magnets along the rim of the wallet, that line up and keep the plate in place. The plate is also made from the same material as the entire wallet.

On the surface, the wallet looks very nice. It has a clean classic look and is available in a range of colors including red, blue, and carbon fiber style black. But that’s where the good aspects of the wallet end. On my initial unboxing of the wallet, it was clear that the materials used by the Shype wallet are very poor being made out of thin, lightweight plastic. When handling the wallet it simply feels poor quality and not the premium wallet that was promised by the brand and reflected with the higher cost price tag. 


Functionality & Utility 

Generally speaking, my experience using the Shype Wallet was very poor at best. After loading my wallet with cash and cards I managed to store up to 6 credit/debit cards and a small number of banknotes in what I’d consider a decent capacity. That being said, as I began using the wallet daily it was clear that the design and material used wasn’t up to scratch. 

The first thing to note is I could physically bend the edges of the plastic with very little force. I’m pretty sure that I could easily have snapped the plastic in certain places, clearly exposing the poor quality nature of the materials used. This is also confirmed with the sheer number of scratches, scuffs that the wallet suffered from over just 1 week of usage. Straight away any high-quality charm the wallet had instantly vanished. 

The magnets on the front, although strong on their own, didn’t keep the front plant in place property and I found I had to be ultra-careful when taking out and putting back the wallet to not have it shift out of place and potentially cause my stuff to fall out. This plate is also just poorly designed and could easily be pulled or snapped off. Many other reviews online from verified buyers suggest similar issues with some users suggesting the magnets can fall out with very little effort. 

I just also mention the potential issue of demagnetization. Any wallet that uses magnets has the potential to cause issues with credit/debit cards. I’ve written a full article regarding the issues revolving around demagnetization and views are mixed. It really depends on the type of card and the technology used. 


Final Verdict

The Shype wallet clearly isn’t the wallet that is described by the company itself. It’s clear they’ve created a fantasy product that had the potential to be good. But in an attempt to maximize profits skimped on every form of materials and craftmanship creating the poor product we see today. 

It just doesn’t work as well as Shype outline and in practice falls flat. This mainly comes down to the quality of the wallet and although it can store many items like cash, cards, and even coins it does so in a very clumsy and unintuitive way. Adding in the issue caused by poor craftsmanship and you have a wallet I can only describe as shoddy. This is especially true when it comes to the very high price tag of $73.99 (currently reduced to $36.95). For the quality of this product, I’m astonished they feel they can charge such a crazy price and wouldn’t recommend even purchasing the lower price point. 

I’ve also been sent many reports of people who have had many issues regarding the shipping of the wallet. Delays and poor customer service seem to be riding on, yet that’s only from other online reviews and I personally received the wallet promptly. For more information on the Skype Wallet, I recommend visiting their Amazon page where you can read more about the wallet and read the variety of verified reviews. 


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