Sakroots Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

If there’s one reason to purchase a Sakroots Wallet it’s due to their incredibly unique, vibrant, and eclectic designs. You only need to browse through the Sakroots wallet listings page to discover hundreds of different patternations that take a rustic, Indian style often incorporating animals and other mythical creates into the design.

If you’ve got your eye on a Sakroots Wallet, but are still not sure whether one of their wallets/purchases is right for you, keep reading. We’re going to discuss less about their fantastic designs (which is a given) and delve deeper into the quality of each wallet, its functionality, and whether this all comes together making any Sakroot wallet worth its price tag. 

Functionality & Design

When it comes to the variety of choices Sarkroots has you covered. From crossbody bags and purses to minimalist wallets, they sell a wide array of different sized and styled wallets to suit everyone’s individual needs. When I tested Sakroots for myself I opted for purchasing two of their goods to test the differences between the two. These were the Encino Essential Wallet and Sarktoot’s Crossbody Purchase (specifically the elephant design). 

In terms of functionality and capacity for holding, cash, cards, and other items I can’t complain. Each wallet is maliciously designed with ease of use in mind. For example, the Eninco Essential is unique and quite different from many other wallets I’ve reviewed in the past. Coming in at a smaller compact size it hosts a zipped compartment directly at the top allowing for secure storage of cash, cards, and even coins. It can be opened up much like a traditional bi-fold wallet (and secured shut with a snap button) with many card slots are full-width slots for easy credit/debit card storage. 


Variety of Choice

As previously mentioned, Sarkroot’s has a great array of different wallets, purchases, and clutches to choose from. Each one is designed in the same style but comes with more, or less, functionality or space depending on your own individual needs. For example, my favorite is their Eninco Essential Wallet which offers a compact wallet, while their ‘On The Go’ Crossbody Wallet has a larger size but offers much more space. 

Below are just a few more of our favorite picks from Sarkroot’s and a brief description of who they may be best for/targeted at.

  • Large Smartphone Crossbody: 
  • On The Go Mini Smartphone Crossbody:
  • ID Lanyard: 
Final Verdict

Overall I had a pleasant time using the two Sarkroots wallets I bought. With their beautiful designs, durable material/quality, and surprisingly affordable price tag (starting at £27.00 or $30.00), it’s hard not to see the appeal of these wallets/purses. The wallets are packed up for interested and unique features and they’ve definitely stepped up their game in a crowded and oversaturated market.

For more information on the Sarkroots Wallets discussed here check them out on their official website using the link below. 


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