The Rhevon ‘Flash’ Wallet  Review

The Innovative Belt Wallet

I’m always a big fan of new wallets that try something completely new. Something that nobody else has ever attempted to do before. The Rhevon Wallet, also known as the Flash Wallet, is exactly this. A new innovative metal wallet that’s a breath of fresh air in a saturated market. The Rhevon Wallet itself isn’t like normal wallets. The whole idea is it’s a discreet wallet that attaches to your belt and enables you to carry your cash and cards in a way where you can keep your wallet so-called ‘close to your chest’ in a way where your more immune to pickpockets.

The Patented latch system that enables you to easily remove the Rhevon Wallet from the belt and gain easy access to its content. The Rhevon wallet also boasts about its capacity to help prevent any unnecessary back pain from sitting on your wallet. With a capacity of up to 6 credit/debit cards and room for enough cash folded (around 2-3 bills), the Rhevon is what I’d consider a minimalist version of a fanny pack. It can’t store coins or any travel documentation but it is a much more discreet, comfortable, and seamless way to carry your wallet’s essentials without the bulk. The wallet also includes features RFID Protection (learn more on this here), an easy release button while being able to fit on any belt (without the need to purchase their included one).

The Rhevon Flash Wallet isn’t yet available on the market has it was only funded back in 2019 on Kickstarter. That being said, it seems the price it goes for is around the $59.00 mark. This includes the Flash Wallet itself along with the belt. I personally think this is a perfect alternative to the bum bag (or fanny pack if you must) for seasoned travelers who want to keep their belonging close to their bodies (in case of pickpockets). For more information on the Rhevon Wallet check out their Kickstarter page using the link below. 

  • Functionality 68% 68%
  • Design 81% 81%
  • Price 76% 76%



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