The Radix One Slim Wallet Review

Getting an affordable and functional minimalist wallet doesn’t have to break the bank. The Radix One Slim Wallet is one of the most reviewed wallets on Amazon with over 3000 reviews at between 4 and 5 stars (averaging out around 4). This is a pretty good rating so I went into reviewing the Radix One with open arms hoping I’d found a wallet that is not only cheap but also built to last.

This quick review is going to look into the unusual design of the Radix wallet and look into whether the functionality and utility of this wallet is right for you when considering your next wallet.


Look & Design

The Radix One is styled in a way I like to call a sandwich. Two plates (in this case made out of strong plastic) are sandwiched together and held by an elasticated silicone band. The idea is cards are placed between these two plates for easy storage with minimal bulk. Because of the elasticated band that fits around the wallet the cards are held in place. The wallet is also available in 3 distinct colors grey, black and white that all look very attractive in their own way. Below are some more technical details regarding the Radix Slim Wallet.

  • Weighs less than an ounce so your wallet never weighs you down or strains your back.

  • Comfortably and securely holds 4-10 cards.

  • Strong polycarbonate and silicone parts that are built to last.
Radix one specs

Functionality & Utility 

As a slim wallet, the Radix doesn’t have much functionality other than the efficient storage of cash and cards. As previously mentioned, the wallet stores cards between two plates for a maximum capacity of between 4 – 10 cards. One issue I had with the Radix was the feasibility of access for these cards. As they’re all stacked upon each other it can be difficult at times to gain access to cards especially those crammed in the middle of the stack of cards. Finally, physical cash, such as banknotes, are also stored in a similar manner being folded and tucked under the elastic band. More information on this wallet can be found below.

User Reviews 

Below are a few handpicked reviews from verified buyers of Amazon. I’ve chosen a variety of opinions, ranging from good to bad, to give you some other alternative opinions on whether the Radix is the best wallet for you.

5 Star Review 

59% of people rated this wallet 5 stars

‘Tried it out today and it’s perfect for my needs, I was fed up with a big bulky wallet in my back pocket and wanted a slim card holder for my front pocket. Perfect size, holds 5 of my cards and says it can hold another 5. Hard solid plastic and hard rubber band. Fast delivery. No complaints’.

3 Star Review

12% of people rated this wallet 3 stars

‘So a useful product and as described . Problem is that it really doesn’t feel like a £17 item . More like £5 as it’s very plasticky . I only bought this as I want to try out this type of wallet before I invest in a more expensive/metal one’.

1 Star Review

7% of people rated this wallet 1 stars

‘The fact they charge GBP £17.99 for this cheap thing just pi$$ed me off. It’s worth pennies. They even have the gall to charge £8 GBP more for the privilege of having a black silicone band over the other colours that cost the same to make? I can’t support this kind of product or their marketing strategy and nobody else should either. These guys are just trolling’.


Final Verdict 

The Radix One Slim Wallet is a nice little wallet at an affordable price tag of only £17.99. Although the wallet lacks certain functionality the wallet serves a distinct function as a pure minimalist wallet aiming to reduce bulk and slimline your everyday carry tenfold. It’s also what I’d consider a ‘gateway’ wallet, one that you can try out to see if the minimalist lifestyle is for you without breaking the bank. 

The majority of the complaints are down to quality. People don’t think this wallet is worth the £17 price tag and I honestly disagree with them. As someone who has tried many wallets of this type over the years, I’ve come across a lot worse quality and higher prices. That’s not to say it’s perfect. Being made from plastic does give it a cheap feel in the hand, but I personally think that’s well presented in its price tag. For more information on the Radix One wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below. 


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