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Every day it seems like a new portable accessory hits the market promising amazing functionality all while being the size of a typical credit or debit card. One of the latest of these accessories I’ve discovered is the innovative pocket tripod. This little device is designed to be your everyday carry tripod needs allowing you to seamlessly Carry, mount and take previously impossible images in a device that can be stored in any traditional men’s wallet. 

The Pocket Tripod Pro first came on the market back in 2012 by design company GEOMETRICAL, a product design company based in southern California. They put great emphasis on creating not only unique and innovative products but took their time to create a fantastic accessory that not only functions the way it should but is built with quality and craftsmanship in mind. Today I’m going to give my full opinion on the Pocket Tripod Pro, its advantages, disadvantages, and who can best benefit from this handy little device. Let’s dive in. 

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What is the Pocket Tripod Pro

Device Compatability

Materials & Quality

Final Verdict

What is the Pocket Tripod?

The Pocket Tripod was first successfully funded through Kickstarter back in 2018 raising a mammoth $180,000 in a fantastic example of crowdfunding success. As per the name, the function of the Product Tripod is to act as a highly portable and convent way to have a tripod with you at all times. Shaped like a standard-sized credit card (with a patented design) it has a fold-out mechanism that allows you to transform and angle the tripod in a variety of ways for different photo or video shots. Its main innovation comes from its circular fluid tilt adjustment that allows the tripod to be precisely fine-tuned for pointing to key angles (5-degree minor and 15-degree major divisions). 

For me, the biggest potential issue was how well would it fit inside a wide variety of different wallets from the very largest to the smallest. In total, I tried the Pocket Tripod Pro in 20 different wallets ranging from classic bi-folds to the likes of metal and minimalist-sized ones. My verdict is overwhelmingly positive with every wallet taking to storing the Pocket Tripod will have no issues with bulking or detriment to your everyday carry. 


Device Compatability 

One important aspect (and most frequently asked questions) when going about purchasing the Pocket Tripod is will it work with my smartphone? The simple answer is yes, but it will depend on which version of the Pocket Pro you choose.

In total, there are two different models/versions of the Pocket Pro you can choose from. The first, is the single size version. While being the cheapest, it allows you to chose the right version for your phone but doesn’t provide any additional mounts, for example, if you decided to switch device or somebody wanted to borrow your Tripod with a different device. The alternative version, the universal kit, does exactly what it says on the tin and allows the Tripod to be used on a larger array of different smartphone devices. 

(Quick note: Remember to take into consideration any case you might have on your phone also). 


Material & Quality

The Pocket Tripod has been built with fantastic attention to detail and quality materials. Made from 3K Twill carbon fiber, precision CNC’d, and over-molded with plastic, the pocket tripod is incredibly lightweight yet durable. Carbon fiber is most notorious for its use in high-performance sports cars. This further showcases the exemplary off the tripod Pro.

Along with this, parts used to connect the hinges and overall mechanism are incredibly well manufactured and designed and won’t be broken even under incredible strain (even though it does feel quite brittle at times in the hand. It can really handle stress and strain).

Finally, the tripod is also available in a small all but eclectic array of color options. At checkout, you can choose between five different colors including Black, White, Green, and Pink. They often also release new colors to keep things fresh if you’re ever looking for a more distinctive or unique look. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was highly impressed with the Pocket Tripod Pro. It simply worked as intended and completely exceeded my expectations with how easy it was to use and the sheer variety of different setups you can do for a huge variety of angles and shots. Coming in at a price tag of $30.00 (for the Single Sized Model) or just $10.00 more (total $40.00) for the more Univeral Kit

This might seem a little expensive for such a small item, but considering its fantastic quality and its intricate engineering I think it’s a very fair price. I think when it comes to your decision to purchase the Pocket Tripod Pro you need to really consider how often you find yourself needing to take photos and whether you think the pocket tripod can improve upon and benefit your photography skills. 


I think the best people who should definitely consider the Pocket Pro are those who are frequent travelers and want to improve upon their photography game. Influencers in any shape or form will also have great benefit with the Pocket Tripod Pro as it’ll easily streamline your everyday carry and give you more freedom without having to carry around a large variety of items.

I myself, I’ve even used it to take some photos and videos for this website, something I’d never had considered doing in the past (as I never had the means to do so). Along with this, and its versatility to fit in any wallet, has cemented the Pocket Tripod as my new favorite wallet accessory. 

One final thing, I’ve heard that there’s a lot of Knock-Off or fake Pocket Tripods hitting the market that claim to be the real thing. These often lack the quality and craftsmanship of the real thing making them easily broken or defective. Make sure when considering the purchase of the Pocket Tripod to only purchase from their official website (link below) or official authorized resellers.


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