Freitag Wallet Review

A Recycled Tarpaulin Wallet

The Freitag range of wallets is unique due to their construction and material. Freitag are renowned for their use of recycled materials, specifically truck tarps, that fabric materials that’s typically seem draped over trucks to keep its contents secure. Freitag themselves harvest and upcycle over 800 tons of tarps each year and transform them into a beautiful array of apparel goods including bags, books, accessories, and of course wallets. 

Tarps of this kind have all sorts of advantages compared to other commonly used wallet materials (namely leather). This is of-course down to the tarps original use and provides great strength, durability, and water resistance. Due to the unique nature and designs of each tarp you can almost guarantee any wallet you purchase from Freitag is completely unique to you with custom colorings and markings based on the individual life the material served when it was used. The only issue I have with the material personally speaking is its feel. As the material was never meant to be used for a wallet the tarps have a rough, coarse feel that isn’t the most pleasant especially when compared to the likes of leather.

One thing I love about Freitag, compared to other recycled wallet brands, is the sheer range of wallet design options available. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist wallet, bi-fold, or a simple cardholder. Freitag has gone through great effort to perfect their designs and create wallets that are not only eye-catching because of their material, but because they work and function as amazing wallets. My personal picks are F50 F.T. and the F554_06663 (terrible names btw). 

Finally, the price tag of the Freitag wallet range is also reasonable when considering the sheer effort that goes into sourcing and handmaking each wallet. Starting at £32.00 and ranging up to £95.00 (depending on the model). For more information on Freitag and their range of wallets check out their official website using the link below.  

  • Functionality 68% 68%
  • Design 86% 86%
  • Price 69% 69%



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