The Tyvek Paper Wallet Review

Paper wallets have always intrigued me. When I was younger I was a big fan of origami. From paper cranes to intricate swans saying I had a fascination with the hobby was an understatement. So naturally, when I discovered the wallet brand quite literally called ‘paper wallet’. I was instantly sold and bought myself A few of these wallets to try out. I was initially concerned that paper wallets wouldn’t be of high enough quality. Paper is paper so it’s only natural to be concerned with how long the wallet may last with daily usage. y.

Luckily the wallet isn’t exactly made from paper but a material called Tyvek. This is a kind of paper like material but covered is a thin layer of gloss. We’ll discuss more about this material a little later.

The new RFID collection of waterproof wallets gives you the super-thin wallet design you know improved with integrated RFID protection making this a truly safe, modern and minimalist accessory. The Slim Wallet is not only slim, simple & designed by artists but this waterproof wallet also guarantees endurance being made from waterproof, tear-proof and 100% recyclable Tvyek’.

Look & Design

Made from Tyvek and smooth glossy paper the paper wallet is highly durable but quite flimsy to touch. Personally speaking, the material isn’t the most pleasant to handle. The Paper wallet comes in a nice array of standard colors and patterned designs. This is probably the main selling point of the wallet as it enables you to pick a design with best represents your individual personality. The aesthetics and design of the wallet are very good. It just looks like a really attractive wallet and that adds to the wallets charm ten folds.

The Wallet is laid out in the standard bi-fold style. When open card slots sit on either side with a large note slot at the top for storing your cash. These work pretty well in practice. Nevertheless, as the paper started to wear down over time I found some of the card slots start to loosen.

Functionality & Utility 

In terms of the wallets, functionality says it seems very strong. Card slots are tight for security and well defined for easy access. The only gripe I have is the lack of card slots. The guys at paper wallet claim it can hold up to 9 cards but I find this statement incredibly optimistic. Sure at a squeeze, you can force 9 cards into this wallet, but you really wouldn’t want to. Along with its already tight fit, traversing between bunched up cards stacked on top of each other is difficult and not very functional. For optimal storage, I find the wallet is best at 3 cards (1 in each slot), or at 5. I found it was actually easier to use the note slot for cards stored in the end which worked surprisingly well.

One point to mention, specifically regarding this wallet is the issues of dirt and daily usage. With it being made from basically paper any dirt, stains or scuff marks have a tendency to build up. While this isn’t usually a problem with, say, leather wallets (because you can just wipe the dirt away) it becomes a big issue with the Paper Wallet.

Final Verdict

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed using the Paper wallet and feel it’s definitely the best paper wallet on the market today. My only issue would be these wallets long term value. Based on the stains I received from only one day of use it begs the question of how long the wallet will last long term. And coming in at a price of $25.00 it’s a very affordable price. For more information visit the Berlin Slim website here.

Let me know what you think of the Paper wallet? Is this a wallet you could consider yourself getting? And how highly do you rate paper wallets? I’d love to hear from you. For more information on this wallet click the link below.


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