Normest Store Review

This Store is a Scam

Earlier this year we wrote an article regarding the shady company known as Nimalist Store. You can read the full review here, but the general sentiment is they were a huge scam selling people poor-quality wallets at inflated prices. With blatant lies, stolen content, and a none existent customer service, it’s clear based on the TrustPilot reviews by unsuspecting customers that the company is a scam. 

A few days back I stumbled upon another new company that had a striking resemblance to Nimalist Store. This new website, called Normest, immediately was one big red flag to me. By simply loading up the Normest Store website the design, layout, product offering, and even The About Us page were completely identical to that of Nimalist. Just take a look at the screenshots below. All the individuals or people responsible for these scam sites did was replace everything on the new Normest Store will a name change. 


Why did they set up a new store?

It’s frustrating to say but this scam has already been a massive success for the individuals who own these stores (mainly Nimalist Store). But bad words spread and at present Nimalist has shocking reviews that have probably hindered the profitability of the store. Basically, they’re not making as much blood money as they used to, and the best way to fix this? Set up a new brand that doesn’t have negative press associated with it – This is Normest Store. 

Is Normest Store a Scam?

A hundred times yes! All proof leads to the fact that Nimalist and Normest Store are owned and operated by the same people. A leopard never changes its spots and it’s fair to say that if you purchase anything from Normest you’re going to have a bad experience – avoid it at all costs. As you can see below both stores’ ‘About Us’ pages are identical. 



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