The Nero Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great minimalist size with an amazing capacity for cash and cards.
  • Great range of colors available to choose from as well as included free personalized monogram included.
  • A very affordable price tag for such a high-quality wallet.
The Bad
  • The wallet can get very cramped very easily when storing near the maximum number of cards (up to 15).
  • Cash and coins are a little tricky to access. Cash has to be folded to store correctly.

Nero is a small family-owned business from Romania. Their initial motivation behind creating the Nero Wallet was to develop a quality product that’s easy to use yet a minimalist size. Nero actually has a special place in my heart. When I first started looking for a minimalist wallet – around 5 years ago now – Nero was the first wallet to catch my eye and really stand out from the crowd. The distinct range of colors and unique design really caught my attention, not to mention its affordability.  

Today we’re going to go into detail regarding the Nero Wallet. The different types of wallets you can get (material) and the range of functionality and utility the wallet offers. If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet with a difference then keep reading the Nero might just be for you.


Look & Design

One of the things that originally drew me to the Nero was its attractive and simplistic appearance. With its top leather and almost rectangular look, not to mention the huge variety of colors, the Nero Wallet is a unique take on the minimalist wallet. Since then various other Nero wallets have been released made from a variety of different materials that come in at a range of different prices (see below).

  • Full Grain Leather: The standard and most popular version of the Nero. The Full-grain leather is highly attractive, smooth to the touch, and really durable. 
  • Denim: The only use of Denim I’ve ever come across in a wallet. Denim doesn’t really have any distinct advantages other than its unique look and texture. Nero also uses recycled Denim which is great for the environment. 
  • Alcantara (Suede): This synthetic material was first produced in the 1970s for use in seat coverings, interior trim, and steering wheels. Despite resembling Suede, Alcantara has many benefits to its leather counterpart being much more durable and able to withstand light scuffs and damage from prolonged use.

One great thing about the Nero is its customization options. Not only does it come in a huge range of colors and materials but Nero also offers free letter engravings up to 4 characters. This adds some uniqueness to each wallet and is also great for gifts. Nero was nice enough to emboss my name on the wallets which are fantastic. Finally, you can choose to purchase the Nero with RFID Security. 


Functionality & Utility 

The Nero wallet is a complete plethora of open orifices in which you can stick any number of cards or cash. Regardless of what direction you come at it (apart from the bottom), it has a slot for you to use up to a maximum of 5. This makes Nero’s functionality faultless for a wallet of its slim size (coming in at only 90 mm (H) x 60 mm (W) x 8mm). The Nero can hold up to 15 cards with ease which is one of the highest capacities I’ve come across in a while for a minimalist wallet. 

The Nero also has a smaller, secret, inner slot located at the very top of the wallet and used for notes or coins. The slot works perfectly for smaller items such as keys and works well with a Tracking Device.

On a day-to-day basis, the Nero Wallet is a joy to use. The 5 distinct slots make it easy to access any cards with ease and with them being all spread out access is a breeze. Cash can be a little annoying to access as it sometimes feels like it gets stuck and also has to be unfolded but I’m just nitpicking at this point. After using the Nero for a few months I can firmly say the durability is great and the wallet has lasted with little wear or tear. 


Price Tag

The great thing about the Nero Wallet has always been its affordability. The cheapest version comes in at just $19.99 with the price ranging up to $39.99 for the most expensive Alcantara version. RFID Security and personalization options are also free which adds tremendously to how value for money the Nero is – probably one of the most value for money wallets I’ve come across in a long time. 

Final Verdict 

The Nero, even after 3 years, is still one of the coolest yet simplest wallets I’ve ever used. With an attractive design, heaps of functionality, and compact minimalist design it’s hard not to see the appeal of the Nero Wallet. And starting at only $19.99 it’s really a no-brainer.

Due to our amazing time using and reviewing the Nero Wallet we reached out and am proud to have become an official retailer of the Nero Wallet. For more information and to purchase the Nero wallet visit our store using the link below. 


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